Matchbox drops another sneak peak of later 2019/2020 models. One has a very cool purpose.

Man, these Matchbox & Hot Wheels Dream Team accounts are fun to follow. Both formed to A) combat the unauthorized sneaks, B) interact with you and me, they have become exactly that.

Matchbox dropped another round of sneaks today:

Two new castings and a RWR. The Dodge will clearly take the most attention, and it should. It is fantastic. That Explorer is also supercool, and a major step up from the earlier Explorer Matchbox made.

I think I missed sharing this earlier sneak as well:

But I am especially excited for this one:

Which has an even more interesting story (and future), laid out by Mercedes-Benz:

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  1. What is the new RWR ladder? Is it just the Pierce in a new livery, or a new model altogether? I can’t really make it out due to the camera settings they used. That one’s on the list. Dodge is too overly modified–I just wish they’d left it stock. What was going on in their mind? HW is actually doing better with the trucks than MBX these days. The Defender and Series III are prime examples. Explorer is a mess–dark tinted (if not opaque) windows and a light bar that’s integrated into the window. The $1 price point is much outdated, and as time (and inflation) marches on, it’s showing worse and worse

    The gold wheels on the VW are tacky, but it’s nice otherwise. The 911 and Camaro look good too. The only problem I’ve got with the ’33 Ford is that it’s gonna be in a 9-Pack half-full of models that are pegwarmers as singles.

    The Mercedes looks good. Not only is it a realistic race car, but also a great casting. I know lots of women who played with toy cars as kids. I’m not exactly in agreement with the movement, but I agree with the idea here . It’s not something that’s really boy or girl centric–it’s just a tiny replica of a vehicle. Lots of women I know played with toy cars as a kid. I’m male, but I also collect Breyer horses. Most of mine came from feed stores, but I’ve noticed a lot of the places who sell Breyer usually keep the Breyer horses with the girls toys. And Breyer seems to be a bit girl-focused in a lot of lines they make as well.

  2. How come whenever I click the link to their IG page nothing comes up? And their profile never comes up when I do a search.

  3. That was awesome, What a fantastic story. I hope they push this collaboration its done well, both companies can expect some good publicity for this as the message is so much bigger and for a good cause.

  4. I have some mixed feelings about some of the details in the castings but overall a nice mix. Nice to see the classic mercedes benz racer in the mix!

  5. Good job on the commercial, Mattel. So…does Hot Wheels have a similar ad in the works? Interesting that MBX would pick a vintage Mercedes for this project, considering there are a lot of women in motorsports today driving modern cars.
    My sister also had a few cars when we were kids in the late 60s / early 70s. She never really played with them, possibly because she did not have a relatable reference point. Dad did almost all the driving. Almost every race car driver was a man. The good guys were the drivers, as were the bad guys. It was easy for us boys to see ourselves driving some day in some exciting way, and playing with our cars was one way to express our desire to do so.
    As for the models, I will go for the Mercedes and the 911. The others are ok, but I wish the Dodge had normal size truck tires + wheels. Not a fan of the VW wheel choice either.

  6. Liking the Porsche, Dodge (Apart from being Skyjacked) and the Hot Rod. I also really like the Mercedes too. Mainly because I love rally cars of all types and that is a very neat story behind the car too.

  7. Well done matchbox! Good job! Now this is what THIS brand is about,…. now more things like charity work and issues. GOSH…… Great ormond street hospital for children in the uk?…. if?..?.. .

    1. Never mind Great Ormond Street, I’ve just received a full case of Case N, P and Series 3 Opening Parts from the U.S. and need a charitable donation to help cover the cost of postage and customs!! :-0 ;-p LOL
      I see the rumours of Tesco stocking Matchbox have come to nothing!!!

      1. Everything of how this brand has been treated is just so wrong. I thought by now in 2019 and many many forms of transport( just USA way) in matchbox terms!.. i thought these issues would have been dealt with by now !!… 1/2 of year gone and still no reassurance from mattel! Or anyone!… of what the future?… home bargains?! Oops…… mainline hotwheels has now taken hold.!!… as with every outlet in the uk!… mattel soon find homes for that brand! … i see this brand is now doing good and also bringing out some great line ups. But again not for my eyes! Or so far anyone in the uk , most parts of the world to that matter…. charity For UK In Need mattel.☺ its a shame craig …. lets hope.

  8. Just looked at the mercedes benz ad. Nice see this being done but would like to see a more modern car that is also women driven as wet.

    Another unrelated subject of sorts regarding the return of the models of yesteryear. They have the Plymouth police car that looks great and this could be expanded out other in and around the same era.

  9. Interesting ad, but I don’t want to have to compete with boys AND girls to get the models I want!!! (just kidding, just kidding 😉

    Really though, it’s a nice message, and the fact the actual car looks great in that livery is a bonus. The big wheels and tires doesn’t bother me on the Dodge…I think it suits this model better than some of the other ones Mattel slaps huge tires on. I agree with everyone else on the gold wheels on the VW…tacky. The 911 looks nice in period stripes though. Now I just have to hope these are obtainable.

  10. It would be nice to see the Chevy Caprice retooled into a convertible version . The ones I looked up in real life look great in red! If one where try to convert one into a convertible the line for trunk will have to be moved back a bit.

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