Hot Wheels K Case is hitting Walmarts along with the next group of Zamacs

My friend and local Utah collectors Mike shared this on IG today:

It is nice to see the Zamacs being released more widely this year. Last year was sparse to say the least. Mike mentioned the next guy. I am kind of that guy, because he picked up a set for me. As soon as I get them from him, a feature is coming.

In the meantime, head to your local Walmart and see what you find. Here is the K Case Unboxing to help you remember:

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  1. Awesome K Case unboxing video congrats.👍I hope and pray my Walmart’s get K case cars and the zamacs in pretty soon. Because the latest cases my Walmart’s have right now are H cases and so far none of my Walmart’s haven’t gotten in any zamacs yet this year. So I don’t why some Walmart’s in parts of the country are getting these in and other parts of the country they’re not. Mattel and Walmart needs to straighten out they’re distubishin centers. Because I haven’t found any zamacs at any of my Walmart’s since last spring.

  2. Can’t remember the last time I spotted a ZAMAC. It used to be that getting my hands on them was just about a sure thing (with some patience), but they’ve just been passing me by lately. Very disappointing.

  3. I know I poo poo’d this case in an earlier post, but now I’m reconsidering. I was actually lucky enough to stumble upon this case in a Walmart dump bin one night last week after work. I say lucky because I almost went straight home without an out-of-my-way trip to this store. Also lucky because there are a lot of Hot Wheels hoarders in my area and I actually got there before everything was gone. By my calculations, there were maybe 7-8 cases here.

    I left with a pretty decent haul; ZAMAC RX-7 and Squareback, Miata, NSX, Porsche 917, Land Rover and the Hot Wheels Racing Team Mustang, Corvette and Driftsta. Not bad!

    Yes, ZAMACs have been increasingly difficult to find. This bin had 15 or so RX-7s but only 1 VW Squareback. I thought the 3rd ZAMAC had been picked clean until I saw this post and realized the Mountain Mauler was there the whole time. I still would have passed on it had I known.

    I even found the Bronco regular Treasure Hunt! My 3rd one this year after the Twin Mill and Honda Monkey. I was excited to find it, but left it for the next guy (as I did the Twin Mill), since Broncos aren’t really my thing.

    The star of the case? The red Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. I know, because that’s the model that had been scalped clean.

  4. Another great zamac ruined by awful HW logo. The red 300zx, on the other hand, is amazing. Just like the real car, it was popular in white, red, and yellow. Tomica premium already did the yellow one with amazing details, including the wheels..

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