The ‘89 Porsche 944 Turbo joins the 22b in the 2020 Hot Wheels Mainline

Crazy to think we are in the home stretch for the Hot Wheels 2019 Mainline. 2020 is just around the corner and the Design Team is started to drop the sneaks.

Last week it was the Subaru WRX STi 22b, this week it is this:

Obviously this is an early unpainted prototype, but based on its looks the Hot Wheels team is picking up right where it left off in 2020.

Looking forward to see this model, and the rest of 2020, develop.

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  1. Such an underrated Porsche. As a huge Porsche fan, I’m very happy to see this one being done by HW! And done properly, they have! I hope this shows up in Car Culture sooner rather than later. First the 22B, now this. Hot Wheels is on fire right now.

  2. This is how the Rx-7 FC should look like!
    If this comes in white, its the closest to Initial D Rx-7 we can get!
    HW is going great this year!
    By the way such a great blog, keep the great work!

  3. That new 1989 Porsche 944 turbo coming out is awesome .👍I will be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  4. What can I say, it’s beautifully done! I can tell it will be well detailed. I hope it actually suits those white 5 spokes. This actually reminds me of the Porsche 928 they did from awhile ago, except a lot better proportioned and a nicer car altogether.

  5. Wow! Looking good. Finally the “replacement” for my almost 30 years old Made in China casting that I got on a multipack. It was one of my early diecasts that I got in the early 90s.

  6. If they don’t put this into a premium line, they’d be fools!
    I think they put the white wheels as a pre-production move.. or to throw you off. I doubt they’ll utilize white wheels unless the car is adorned in a club racer attire or something like that.

  7. I have to admit, HW is really putting out some better older cars (by my state’s laws, technically “antique”) than MBX. And in many cases, less modified.

  8. Too bad that Hot Wheels retired their 928 casting years ago, I have both the 944 Turbo (951) and 300ZX (Z32) castings from Matchbox Premiere from a long time ago… I wonder if the Hot Wheels 951 will be similarly refined as the new Z32 Hot Wheels casting is, compared to the old Matchbox casting. The new Matchbox Subaru SVX looks to be well proportioned, as well, compared to Matchbox of the past… if one can ever find one… still looking for a Matchbox i8.

    Next, beyond the 951 and GC8 22B STI, Wouldn’t mind a true-proportioned A60 and A70 Supra (the new A90 is sure to be coming at some point), AW11 and SW20 MR2s (cleaner than the rally casting Hot Wheels has had) 96 Viper GTS, 4th Generation Firebird/Firehawk, 88 Fiero GT t-top, instead of the old notchback casting… maybe it is time for a ’93 928 GTS casting as opposed to the previous pre-86 style, and an updated BMW 850CSi as well as a new 8-series and i8 Roadster. I am sure there are more 80s and 90s era cars that are coming into classic status that can be added to the lineup.

    The newly updated 300ZX, recent Skyline lineup additions, and now the 944 Turbo, the 22B, and last year’s FD RX7 (no longer the 24/7 generalized barely-unlicensed casting) are all welcome additions to the collection

    I think of die cast cars kind of like 3D rolling equivalents to baseball cards, but for gearheads… there are lots of players yet to be issued or re-issued.

  9. Woooow. Nailed it. With the right tampo choices this will be an instant classic. It’s about time they did a new 944, now we just need a new 928 casting to go with it! Give the front-engine ’80s & ’90s Porsches some love.

  10. HW is really hitting some models out of the park lately. With a mixture of bad distribution, horrible modifications to toolings, and heavily modified classics, I’ve noticed I’ve been buying less MBX compared to HW. The Land Rover Series III is one of those that seems more like a MBX choice than HW. And if I see this on the pegs, with those wheels, and not messed up by ridiculous tampos, one is coming home with me in 2020.

  11. I love the fact that we already talking about the 2020 Hot Wheels line and “we’re in the home stretch for 2019” when markets outside the US have barely got out of the door with seeing the stuff for this year and in terms of “MATCHBOX” still trying to find 2018 (and plenty of missing batches from years past) let alone anything from 2019 ever turning up due to the whole line being pulled with no explanation or customer care about why.

  12. Yes, yes, yes! I love it! A favorite car of mine from that era. Even more so than the 911 at the time, which was just an old outdated car from another era. Heresy, right? What did I know, I was just a kid and the 944 was new.

    Anyway, this one looks fantastic! Perfect in proportion and detail. I’ll take mine in red please. Just like the ones in the ads I’d cut from magazines.

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