Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 J Case

Rapid Unboxing: Done. Case Report: Done. Super Showcase: Not Done. Full Unboxing: Not Done.

We are getting there. Here is the Case Report, photographed, as always, by Wheel Collectors from a random cased pulled from their shipment.

Pick a fave. Or don’t. Follow the link below. Or don’t.

Hot Wheels 2019 Batch J at Wheel Collectors

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  1. I look diligently in San Diego and Portland, Oregon, my two bases of operation and I never find any of the desirable Hot Wheels. Very discouraging. Mattel knows which models hard core collectors are interested in but never flood the pegs with those models. Mattel need help in putting the product in the field. Wake up Mattel, you could double or triple your sales. Of course, same goes for Matchbox. The Marketing Guys are IDIOTS. HIRE ME AND I WILL TRIPLE YOUR SALES. Perfect example, who ever decided to put the Econoline and AMX Trans Am into mass distribution has his head firmly up his A**

  2. I dunno…this case seems really heavy on LOUD decos on the majority of the cars. Only the Tesla and Civic Type R sport clean, stock decos and that’s a shame.

      1. Not really. There’s plenty of cars that look striking stock. Lamborghinis immediately spring to mind. So do Paganis, Dodges, Porsches, Chevrolets, Fords, Ferraris and even certain Mazdas look interesting stock.

      2. ^ True, but three of the makes you’ve mentioned (Pagani, Lamborghini, Ferrari) are already designed to be really striking and sporty. The 993, especially the base one seen here in 2019 batches, is bone-stock. Same with the 300ZX. And unless you know your cars, they don’t stand out against, say, an IndyCar or racing Mustang or a Bugatti. Hot Wheels made its claim to fame on modified cars: dragsters, widebody racers, prototypes. Some of the more stock-looking models on HW seem like they belong to Matchbox more, like the two I mentioned. And that’s a shame because their racing/high-trim variants are a better fit to what HW is.

  3. Hey, that Gulf Mustang seems familiar. The body looks a lot like the MARC Cars racer that runs the Bathurst 12 hour. I approve.

  4. It’s ok. It’s mostly filled with rereleases and recolors and the new models that are in this case are cars I’m not very interested in. I’ll skip the vast majority of this case.

  5. Right… I mean where are all of the Mine Cart, Flash Drive, Electrack, Rising Heat and Dune Daddy castings in this mix? 😉 Frankly I hope this IS the direction Mattel is going: licensed castings outnumbering fantasy car castings in each case and a sufficient number of licensed cars getting re-released so that the “scalpers” don’t go completely bonkers and take every single car you might be interested in within a 50 mile radius. See also: anything Nissan or Datsun in a case or anything thought to be “one to a case.”

  6. And I noticed whatever the weird looking thing designed to hold a Go Pro Hero Session is finally no longer in the batch. It is a major peg-warmer and doesn’t really sell in stores. Yet, they recolored it to green and kept selling it.

    Now that Matchbox has really cut back on generics and has cut back the case count, I’ve noticed my Walmart is actually staying up to date. I’ll go in a store; and instead of finding 3-4 month old stuff, it’s the latest batch.

  7. I’m totally with Jon on licensed models outnumbering fantasy models. That’s always appreciated. However, for me this case is a bit lacking in excitement. After the hot new Civic Type R and yes, I’ll say it, Tesla Model 3, where’s the excitement? OK, I rather dig the RX-7. Even though it’s an older casting it looks cool in this deco. I always love a good Porsche, though I’m not as crazy for this red 917 as the previous royal blue or Gulf decos. The rusted out Beetle is kinda cool. I’ll pick up the Senna, because it’s the SENNA!, but I ain’t crazy for this color. I’ll also pick up the AMG GT3, though I prefer earlier releases. I’m on the fence with the Honda City, Gulf Mustang and Mooneyes Kafer Racer. I’ll likely pass on the recolored Golf Mk II, Fairlady Z and Challenger 500. Overall, a bit ho hum.

  8. Anyone else in the UK noticed the supermarkets (esp Sainsburys) getting strange blue thin cardboard boxes on their shelves instead of these lovely thick brown cases? No markings to indicate which case (although seem to be around D at the mo?).

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