SURPLUSgoodies has the latest MiniGT Senna & other releases, in international packaging to boot.

Nothing to type after that title. You know why you are here. How about a photo and a link?

Acuras, Sennas, Civics, and GT-Rs. All in international packaging (the model sits snug in plastic in the box, a la TLV). And two of those are Indonesian exclusives. Them two Civics in case you were wondering. For those of you in the US, this is a great opportunity because SG is shipping from here. i.e. good prices.

MiniGT is making a splash to be sure, in fact…oh wait, starting to wax on Lamley-style. I’ll stop. These are rad. Here is the link:

SURPLUSgoodies eBay Store

Go get one. Or several.

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