Hey RLC members, you picked the wrong model for Selections.

There are a lot of new RLC members this year. You’ve had your chance at a couple of models so far, but did you also know Hot Wheels will put you to work?

They did just that, launching this year’s sELECTIONS poll a few weeks ago. Through a series of polls, RLC members get to vote for a model and essentially design it. After it’s designed, Mattel builds it. Last year’s sELECTIONS model, the Custom 240Z, is shipping soon.

The model chosen this year was the ’55 Bel Air Gasser. Not a surprise. It knocked out the Datsun 510 on its way to the final, where it beat the Ford Raptor handily. The Gasser is an all-timer, one of the most popular models ever.

But it shouldn’t have won. The Raptor should have. I would have said the same thing if the Raptor went against the 510 as well. Not because I like the Raptor better. But because we have a Gasser coming soon to the RLC that will be next level, and will join an already crowded bunch of gems highlighted by the Candy Striper and gold 50th Anniversary Convention model. An abundance of riches.

The Raptor? It’s just getting started. This premium version made its debut recently, and another version is coming, but we need more. Because this casting is awesome. And I say that not even as a fan of big current trucks.

The debut, in stunning spectraflame blue and sitting on fifteen52 wheels, is a must-have. And over time demand will continue to grow. It’s truly incredible.

I’ll give you a little tidbit about doing this blog. You know I am in contact with a few folks at Mattel. That means that occasionally I hear about something coming. I keep it a secret of course, but I can always tell what the designers and others are most excited about. They truly love all they put out, but some models seem to get a little more attention in house.

This blue Raptor was one. I kept hearing “wait until to you see the Raptor”, “don’t sleep on the Raptor”, and on and on. I finally got one, opened it, and knew exactly what they were saying. This one is special. It is models like these that make being an RLC member a must.

It should have been the Raptor.

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  1. Agreed. Bad choice. I voted for the raptor in every round. That said my first pick would have been the s2000 that got knocked out in the first round.

  2. Indeed, I was personally rooting for the Raptor to win… such a gorgeous casting, this one! I certainly don’t doubt we’ll be seeing more of it in the future, though, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too much of a loss.

    Anyway, regardless, I can’t complain about another chance to snag a Gasser, particularly with how well-detailed the RLC version of the casting is. (Maybe not quite to the same extent as the Raptor, but still.) And hey, with the ’55 comes plenty of potential for a sweet deco! (Pun intended? ;))

  3. I’m glad they choose the 1955 Chevy bel air gasser. The 1955 Chevy bel air gasser is one of my top 5 favorite hotwheels castings. 👍I also like the 2017 Ford F-150 raptor off road 4X4 pickup truck but I like the 1955 Chevy bel air gasser better. 👍

  4. With both having releases coming in the following year it was wrong pick either way you looked at it in my mind. But it is what it is, the sElections round. And when it comes to these picks the secondary market bell cows always seem to have voters. For me it will depend what deco Van comes up with for the 2019 sElections as to what I purchase. I don’t think it was the wrong pick though, because it’s a win/win as far as a great casting getting released ultimately.

    Have no fear, the Raptor isn’t going anywhere, it will have plenty of releases. It’s not like a few of the other castings that were in that poll for 2019 where they may be getting their last shot of seeing daylight again in zamac. The Corvette and Fleetside may be slipping away forever, the one casting that may have raised an eyebrow at Mattel is the VW Bug. That thing had some votes that I never saw coming and put a scare into a few of its polls.

  5. This Raptor is absolutely amazing. I’m going to need to track one down.

    And I really hope the camo Bel Air is not so limited. That needs to be at least 10,000 with a 1 per RLC limit. At least!

    Same with the Countach!

  6. I voted for the RAPTOR. We had the GASSA NOVA in 2017 & it was Spectraflame Purple. The Raptor will return. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  7. I was hoping for the Custom Volkswagen but voted for the ’55 over the Raptor. Most of them are overdone. Not a very wide selection of offerings.

  8. I disagree. For me, the premium Bel Airs offered at the conventions are too expensive on the secondary market … so I have none. This is a perfect opportunity to get a super-premium gasser, hopefully with the aft front rivet, at a reasonable price. Purely selfish reason, but I’m sure many feel the same way. That being said the Raptor wouldn’t nearly sell as well or potentially be as cool. My apologies to all hoping for a Gulf Raptor.

    1. And I really can’t say that the wrong selection was made. Yes, the Raptor would have been a fantastic choice, but one just a few months ago, another one on its way, and if we would have had a Selections one as well? The Gasser also offers us options that likely would not have been available for other castings. First, we have the option of a BRAND NEW color. Secondly, we have the option of true “RLC style” with Neo-classic wheels. Third, we have the option for wheels that have not been used (quite yet). I’d say the Gasser was deserving, especially since it opened up new options for us.

  9. I am with you , Ford Raptor,
    Did you see the color choices for the Gasser?
    Other than Orange, The Ford Raptor dodged a bullet there.

  10. I think Lamely is sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.
    You are not the rlc. We are. Don’t sway rlc members or say they are doi g thi gs wrong.
    That’s not lamely’s place.
    You won’t post this. But you’ll read it.

  11. I know it’s over. I’m a member. Your comment we “hey rlc members you picked the wrong model” is like slapping us in the face. Just not right. You know it.

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