Unboxing: Opening two Hot Wheels Kmart Cases

Time for the long Kday drought. When I first started collecting, Hot Wheels and Kmart did four events a year. The one missing now is the May event. But three is just fine, especially considering Kdays for many of us now is buying a case. Or two.

I bought two to have a couple of extra Datsun 510 models. Might be dumb but I did. It also means I can open two on the Lamley Channel. So I did that too.

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  1. Awesome K-day cases unboxing video congrats. 👍I will be going to the hotwheels K-day event on Saturday April 6th. I will be getting the 4 K-day exclusive cars, the 3 first to market cars, and my 20 hotwheels for the mail-in 1967 Ford bronco. 👍

  2. Boring! This batch is so old why even bother going to the K-Day to begin with? Maybe for the a couple of the exclusive colors but that’s not enough for me or for most! Plus a lot of fantasy cars and very little real cars! I’ve already found the G and H cases for the last couple of weeks anyway and I’m ready for J case. This is one K-Day that won’t mind missing.

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