Hot Wheels unveils the brand new Audi RS5 Coupe.

It must be fun for the Hot Wheels Design Team to drop these little bombs on Instagram and watch the collector world freak out. The Bugatti Chiron did that on a megascale a couple of weeks ago, and now here comes another.

Maybe not on the scale of the Chiron, but an exciting new model nonetheless:

The Audi RS5 is here, and it happily looks a lot like the RS6 released last year. Bright red, Y5 wheels, and front and rear tampos. I know it has the rear graphics because once again Designer Ryu Asada gave me another angle to share with Lamley Readers:

Clean to be sure, with some of that Ryu Magic mixed in. No one would call Ryu Mattel’s “Resident Audi Designer”, but he has had his hand in a few Audis to be released, from the two RS models from Hot Wheels, to the RS6 Avant and R8 from Matchbox. Add this to the pretty pile.

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  1. Brilliant! But I wish they also did the RS5 DTM racer. Either way, here’s hoping we see this in a Then and Now set with the Quattro.

  2. Wow that new Audi RS5 coupe coming out is definitely awesome .👍I will definitely be on the hunt for this one and I can’t wait to add this one to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. not a lot of difference between this and teh Majorette version, except this will be more expensive (in the UK – £1.00 Majorette compared to £2.00 Hot Wheels (RIP OFF)) and will not have working suspension or opening parts.

    1. Wait that’s strange. I would think Majorette’s Premium/Racing line (which is where the S5 is) is the basic+ brand along with Tomica and Matchbox w/ opening parts, at least if we go by pricing elsewhere (in my case SEA). Majorette’s Street Cars line (basic) is about on par with HW pricing here in Manila. Weird.

      Also that one’s an S5 and it doesn’t speak to me with as much force as an RS 5.

  4. No surprise, a beautiful casting! However, I’m not too crazy about the Y5s. I don’t think they belong on this car. It would’ve looked a lot better with 10SP’s or better yet Real Riders if it ever gets released in a premium set. Since Ryu was responsible for the last Audis at Matchbox, it’s no wonder that if you took the wheels off completely and replaced them with Matchbox wheels, it could totally fly. It’s one of those, “It should’ve been a Matchbox” cars. Cars like the Aston Martin DB5, BMW M2, Honda Civic Type R, and Acura NSX belong in this category.

  5. Agree with Connor about the Y5 wheels…I’ve never been a fan of these anyway, but I don’t think they work here.

    This is definitely a nice casting, and while I appreciate the color continuity with the debut of the RS6 Avant on one hand, on the other it would’ve been nice to have a different color. The real thing I’m worried about, though, is seeing how the tampo looks on the finished product. There’s a LOT of detail on the front of this car, and I can just imagine having to root through dozens of examples of this car to find the one that DOESN’T have blobby headlights, smudged number plate, scratched grille surround, or generally misaligned tampo-work. This has been a huge problem on a number of releases recently and I’m nervous about this one.

    1. Everything you’ve said about tampo is because the production factory in Malaysia that produces basic line and Walmart exclusives have the pad printing and (probably) the casting was held by robotic arms during installation. That’s why one of most castings had errors like misplaced tampos on every single part.

  6. Beautiful! Can’t wait to find this one! Looks great in red, but I’m also anxious to see what the followup color will be. Metal flake black? Pearl white?

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