Variation Alert: Has anyone else been lucky enough to find this bonkers Hot Wheels Escort wheel variation?

I’m not going to write a lot about this, only pass this along from the Diecast TV Channel. It’s been a favorite YouTube Channel of mine, and the Team of 3 found a crazy wheel variation recently. I will let them do the talking.

But first, because the Team of 3 at Diecast TV Channel hail from New Zealand, it seems like a good time to let all of our friends down in New Zealand know that we are thinking of them, sending our love, and hoping that they, or any of us, never see anything like what happened there again. There is a lot to unpack, but we in our hobby can start by treating each other the best way we can. Yes, we all know each other through this trivial hobby, but remember it is something that we share in common, and it should only expand from there.

Enjoy the video.

6 Replies to “Variation Alert: Has anyone else been lucky enough to find this bonkers Hot Wheels Escort wheel variation?”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of these here in WA state but it’s not a casting we collect so I never checked for variations

  2. I have the 5 spoke wheels variation one. I will be on the hunt for the other 2 wheel variations of these.👍

  3. Pfff! I got some from E Case yesterday, after a reposition from a local store, I was the first one after that; there was just one Escort, my options were yes or no, hehe. I dunno even if those sets are being imported to my country, much less, having the lucky to get a mainline that were build around other sets and ended getting wheels they weren’t supposed to. It looks nice with them.

  4. In my opinion, these old school wheels look great on it. On another note, this is the best tampo design this casting has had.

  5. These wheels really ought to be used in the mainline regularly. They look so RIGHT on this car, and there’s precious little in Hot Wheels’ wheel catalog that works on vintage cars, especially non-muscle cars. The new ST8 steelies are nice, but this throwback wheel looks fantastic in a more stock-looking way.

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