A new Walmart-exclusive set from Hot Wheels dropped.

I was surprised to see this 6-model set in a nearby Walmart today. I had no idea it was hitting. I bought the whole set to feature, but would have left a few if that wasn’t the case. The no-brainer? The BRAT of course.

I turned on my camera when I found the set. Enjoy:

5 Replies to “A new Walmart-exclusive set from Hot Wheels dropped.”

  1. Awesome off road set you found and in store video congrats. 👍I will be checking my Walmart’s for these.👍

  2. I like that Subaru and Jeep but why brown wheels? I know what there going for but why. I also haven’t seen that many Hot Wheels in one store in years.

  3. I like the simplicity of the BRAT and the Scrambler showing again, but I’d rather have lighter mud wheels, like when the rally theme came to 5 Packs on the past.

  4. No way… the rally set is cool and all but I’m looking at the Ford Matchbox ones there… I have only been able to find 3 of those. BTW That MB Purple Grand Prix is Awesome! Hope I find the HW rally set too. 😉

  5. Not really my thing. I agree about the BRAT and Scrambler being the 2 of any interest, but I think I’ll pass.

    Since we’re talking Walmart exclusives, it really irks me that they can go long and deep on any truck, off-road or muscle series, but when it comes to things like the Porsche series from a few years ago or the Honda and MBX Mercedes-Benz series from last year, you never find them at all (Porsche), you find literally 4pcs/2 models (Honda) or they stock 1 case and they’re done (Mercedes). I suppose this is an indicator of Walmart’s target audience.

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