The ongoing Lamley Purge continues.

So far so good. There comes a time for a collector when space becomes a premium. I have been in that time for awhile.

There also comes a time when you stand in front of your collection, noticing that you can’t enjoy certain pieces like you’d like to, like displaying them. You realize that day won’t ever come for certain items, and you wonder what good they are doing stored away.

Hence, the Lamley Purge.

I have come to the conclusion that there are many pieces in my collection that would be enjoyed a lot more by another collector. I still really like these pieces, but some are extra, and others just need to live a better life, so to speak.

So starting a few weeks ago I started going through the collection, and separated models that I wanted to keep with models that needed a new home, and I started listing them.

A few models each weekend, all 7-day auctions, all starting at $.99. Doing that hopefully gives everyone a chance to grab what they want.

Also, because these models have been in what I consider a good home, I am including a special signed card that notes what the item is and that it came from my collection. It might be worth keeping for some, ripping up for others, but it’s there if it’s wanted.

I have gone heavy Matchbox so far, with some other brands, with MANY, MANY more items to come. I listed some more today, and some others expire tomorrow. You can them here:

Lamley Purge Listings

See if there is something you want. And let me know if there are other items you have seen in my collection that might become available. Everything will be listed on eBay, I won’t do any private sales, just to be fair. But I will let you know if they are coming up.

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