Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Entertainment Lamborghini Huracán

Model: 2019 Hot Wheels Entertainment Lamborghini Huracán

I’ve said this is the best Lamborghini Hot Wheels has ever done. It doesn’t have to be, and after thinking about models like the Murcielago SV LP and Gallardo Police from Speed Machines, I may have spoke too soon. But this Dr Strange model is either the best or tied for it.

I mean how can it not be? It’s gorgeous. Gunmetal gray with the 6-spoke wheels. Simplicity at its finest.

I am not a Lamborghini expert. I’m not even a Hot Wheels Lamborghini expert. But I have a strong opinion. It seems to me the execution of the “small” Lambos – Gallardo, Huracán, Sesto Elemento – is always better than the “large” Lambos – Reventon, Aventador, etc. It is probably because shrinking a Lambo is probably very difficult. Designers always say that creating a car in 1/64 is FAR more complicated than many of us think, and considering the lines on the Lambos, that must really apply. It makes the rear portion sometimes look a little bloated and out out of proportion. But not on the little ones. The Huracán is a beautiful casting, and this premium version really shows it off.

But don’t give up on the big one. Hot Wheels has another coming and it looks really good:

But it may not surpass this one. It’s a fave.

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  1. I agree this is great. I prefer the angular Gallardo to thew Huracan. And Porsche to Lambo. But they got this one right. The stance is there. It sits low to the ground. The wheels and tires are the right size and fit the wheel wells perfectly. This may be the one I keep.

    The Po9lizia Gallardo is good. But let down by the plastic wheels and no light bar. Plus it sits just a bit too high.

  2. I agree that they do a better job with the smaller Lambos. Although it appears they did a great job with the Centenario. Pumped for that.

    I would like to see the premium treatment done for the Aventador and even an SV or SVJ version. I think we may have a different opinion of that casting if it received that treatment. It’s kind of a bland casting as is.

    Come on Car Culture Exotics!!

  3. While I agree that the execution of the baby Lamborghinis far exceeds that of the big halo-models, I’m not a fan of this Huracán. Partly because of the chrome 6-spokes, but mostly because I don’t like the Huracán in general. It’s just a rebodied Audi R8 (and that’s coming from someone who likes the R8). There’s no Lamborghini flair with it. Yeah, it’s a wedge-shaped 600HP, 200MPH rocket, but it’s just not special enough to be a proper Lamborghini. You could say the same thing about the Gallardo, but it still has that certain something that makes it special and bonkers, like a Lamborghini should be. With the Huracán, you get the impression that it’s only designed to sell (very much like an Audi).

  4. Awesome doctor strange Lamborghini huracan coupe you reviewed congrats. 👍To me this is the best Lamborghini so far also. 👍

    1. Actually, I managed to find just one on the pegs at Target yesterday and I passed on it. As nice as this casting is, it’s not on my wish list. I’d much rather spend the money on the upcoming Fast and Furious Original set that I can relate to as oppose to a Lamborghini from a movie that I’ve never seen or have interest in.

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