Yep, Matchbox made a Sriracha Food Truck

When I opened the latest Matchbox 9-packs, I looked right past the Food Truck. Not a model I have paid too much attention to in the past, and there were other models I wanted to see.

Thankfully, I was actually opening this pack on a livestream on the Lamley YouTube Channel, and a couple of my viewers noticed it for me. I went back, and sure enough, the Food Truck was licensed.

With Sriracha!?!?

What a crazy cool surprise. Totally unexpected, and surely the result of the efforts of a big hot sauce fan on the Matchbox Team? I don’t know, but this is super cool.

There are no-brainer licensed decos we see from both Mattel brands, but it is surprises like these that are the most fun. With a Supreme Team Transport coming from Hot Wheels, and this Sriracha Food Truck from Matchbox, I would say the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas. Just do a Tillamook Kool Kombi already.

3 Replies to “Yep, Matchbox made a Sriracha Food Truck”

  1. NIce livery but I just don’t get this casting. A modified Express Delivery would have worked perfectly. Yet, we get a 4×4 stance with a bullbar, as if it’s more fit for a SWAT type vehicle. At the very least, they could have simply just put the livery on Express Delivery.

  2. I’m glad mbx are using real company emblems and logos. More and more should be done. However this plastic food truck . It could have a more of a playability so the roof could be removed or opening serving hatch and a little figure. It can’t cost much more as it is plastic and hollow……. Bring back a new breed to this brand also keep it realism../..real…. Or Mattel to advertise this brand to a more worldwide audience. UK too!!!……

  3. This is one of those castings I inexplicably like a lot, and collect…I think it’s just because it’s a food truck, and there’s plenty of space for wild decos (for once, I’m all for busy decos in this type of application). Yeah, it’s a shame it’s plastic, but it’s fun. This one ups the ante by sporting a real company’s product. I’ll be looking for this one.

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