Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 H Case

Quick Unboxing video done, now here is the Case Report.

Wheel Collectors picked a case off their pallet at random, and took pics 3-by-3. This case is pretty decent, considering a few of these models are must-haves.

Here are the pics, and you find the H Case models available at Wheel Collectors.

14 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 H Case”

  1. For sure the Dodge Power Wagon. On another note, how long as 5-Alarm had only two, as opposed to three axles?

  2. Those new H Case cars coming out are all awesome. 👍I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  3. dat tricolore Panigale

    Also maybe if we complain enough, the Senna will get headlight tampos once it’s recolored…

    Finally, we’ll never see that Skyline Police car again.

    1. Headlights would be nice on the Senna, but I’m just anxious for a recolor in general. That muddy blue-gray color is interesting in that it is different, but it doesn’t do this spectacular automobile justice IMHO. In fact, I had to go look it up just to be certain it was in fact a OEM color. My vote for the recolor is that tasty habanero orange-red. That would really show this car off!

  4. FOUR pagaini’s in the box ? thats a lot, and yes that Japan Police will be one of those seen once never to be seen again cars… and NO i will not be paying £50 on Fleabay for it….

    1. But aren’t you glad it is in mainline now, that you would not pay an arm and a leg for Japhis2 version? Would you say the same with MBX polizei or carabinieri? I’m kinda hoping they will come out with silver Datsun 510 in the mainline…

  5. Saw 3 that I may pick up once seen in-hand:
    96 Porsche Carrera; 18 COPO Camaro & Spider-Mobile. That’s it from this case.

  6. No doubt, the Honda Civic Type R, recolor Gulf ’68 Nova, recolor VW Golf, Mazda RX-7, recolor Chevy Chevelle Wagon, and ’68 Mercury Cougar. Even the ratted out Volkswagen Beetle is pretty cool! Mixed with G case carryovers, this is a fully loaded batch! I’ll pass on the Senna, too flashy and ugly looking. Plus, no detailing!

  7. A lot to like in this case!

    I’m a big Honda fan and am excited for the Civic Type R’s debut as well as the black/copper recolor of the recently new CRX. Speaking of hot, that Skyline police car is crazy cool… err… I mean crap… yeah, nobody will want that… wink wink. The top model of this case for me would have to be the ’96 Carrera. So perfect in proportion and clean white (pearl?) paint. Can’t wait for all the recolors to come. Keep ’em clean and classy HW!

    I also love the Senna despite its “ugliness”. I agree it’s not classically beautiful, but it’s beautiful to me in its purity of function dictating its form. What I don’t care for is the color. I would have actually preferred something more flashy. I also really like the yellow recolor of the Fairlady 2000. The royal blue Fairlady Z on the other hand is a question mark for now. It’s OK, but I have so many versions already.

    The recolored Golf Mk II is nice in blue and though I passed on the last red custom VW Beetle, this rusty primer gray version hits the mark for me. I’m not big on old muscle cars, but I am a fan of the Gulf livery, so I’ll likely snag a recolored ’68 Nova.

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