The first two Squarebody Chevys from Auto World are coming in June. Here is the first image.

I started the day putting together feature on the two latest Hot Wheels mixes. It seemed like enough. But Hot Wheels wasn’t done. They set the collector world upside down by revealing the first image of their new Bugatti Chiron. Big news indeed.

But the diecast weren’t done. The cherry on top of an eventful day of diecast ended up being the first image of a completed Chevy Squarebody Pickup by Auto World. And oh what a sweet treat it is.

The 1973 Cheyenne Stepside is gorgeous, and it will be released in two colors in June. And next to it will be a lowered fleetside, also in two colors. Auto World announced it on their Facebook Page:

This is a big deal. Auto World is easily one of the highest quality 1/64 brands around, and their dedication to scale, quality and detail make their American vehicle offerings great companion models to Tomica Limited Vintage.

And this is their first pickup. Tackling the Squarebody was a great choice, and Auto World will make sure we get several versions from different years:

It’s going to be a lot, but I don’t know of any who will complain. The variety will be extensive, and I can’t want to see the other releases. Based on this first one, it should be a stellar group.

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  1. Love it. Those trucks were happy and optimistic hard workers. Shame modern pickups have to be loaded with so much aggro.

  2. I personally think Autoworld is officially dead in my vicinity. Not one retailer around me even has a hint of Autoworlds anywhere! They don’t even have a peg for them. The last one I found was sometime last year and it was just one. It’s sad because these cars could have more potential if retailers would actually carry them. Also, the Deluxe series is definitely dead because I haven’t seen a new batch in a couple of years. Those were the entry level cars that I enjoyed buying. They were much more affordable than the Premium series and they were pretty well detailed for the price. Despite all this, it’s not the end of the world because I got my good ole $1 Hot Wheels that I’ll happily collect forever!

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