Showcase: Hot Wheels Team Transport Mix 3. You know, the BRE one.

Do you know when I think BRE has been overplayed? When I see plans for whole BRE lines, or when I see crazy prices for items signed by Peter Brock, John Morton, and others.

Do you know when I don’t think BRE has been overplayed? When Hot Wheels releases a Team Transport BRE set, and I can do this:

Yes, I am a total Hot Wheels homer. Greenlight’s BRE line actually really nice. The 510 casting is more accurate, and I like what they have done with BRE models. I think they do suffer a bit from the “if-you-like-one, you-will-like-50” mentality at times, but the 510 is great. But I like this trio of Hot Wheels. Not counting the RLC BRE models, this is a beautiful trio that has rolled out over a 10-year period. A nice slow place.

And now they can all be hauled in a truck.

The latest mix of Team Transport is, at least to me, the best yet. The BRE truck, hype or not, is a perfect addition, and I love the new Gasser set. And it goes without saying that my favorite is the JDM-L set, considering they are my Utah mates.

The set arrived from Wheel Collectors yesterday, and you better believe I got to opening it. And of course I did it on video. Enjoy.

3 Replies to “Showcase: Hot Wheels Team Transport Mix 3. You know, the BRE one.”

  1. Awesome car culture team transports mix c you got, you open up, and you reviewed congrats. 👍They’re all my favorites. 👍I will be on the hunt for all 3 of those and I can’t wait to add all 3 of those to my hotwheels collection. 👍

  2. I wonder if changing the font weight on the hood number of the newest version was an accident. Doesn’t jive with the other two in the photo

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