Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Nissan 300ZX

Model: Hot Wheels Nissan 300ZX

Line: 2019 Hot Wheels Basic New Models

This is the year – so far at least – of the R32 Skyline. Since the Hot Wheels 2019 year began, we have soon four R32 releases. Two in basic, one in Fast & Furious, and one in Open Track. One of those releases could very well be my choice for Model of the Year. But it will have to compete with this, the 300ZX.

Hot Wheels did a 300ZX back in the 90’s, when the car took the world by storm. That included me. The print ads for the 300ZX were on my wall as a kid, and I dreamed of owning one. I did have a few toy cars back in those days, and found the Matchbox 300ZX to be a far better example than the Hot Wheels. I especially liked the pearl white World Class release, and held onto it for years, until I donated it to Mattel.

Back then the 300ZX was a must-have current sports car. Now it is truly a classic. And it is in that role that Hot Wheels has rolled out a brand new 300ZX. A tad aftermarket, but the silhouette and classic details are there. HW Designer Dima did this one, and as he pointed out when he previewed the Z32, he was a huge fan as well. It shows in the design.

Hot Wheels has been rolling out the must-haves on a frequent basis now, and this joins that group. It’s debut in white could not have been better, and I hope it gets the premium treatment soon. Even if it doesn’t, there will be space in my collection for every release.

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  1. Can’t wait for this to show up in my neck of the woods. I also had the Matchbox world class version when I was a kid and still have it today actually. One of the few cars I kept from my childhood along with the red Matchbox Ferrari Testarossa which was my favorite car as a kid.

  2. Yep, it looks amazing. But I still want the GTO version to come up, or at least a nice tuned version. Stock is brilliant, but it just feel a bit too Matchbox-y to me.

  3. The Nissan 300ZX twin turbo is a great new casting that came out.👍I will getting every one of these that comes out.👍

  4. Love the real car, and think that Hot Wheels has done a really nice job here. Not the biggest fan of the wheels used here- but that’s easily changed. My only small criticism is the taillight tampo seems to be a bit on the small side. I’m looking forward to this painted in more expressive colors too.

  5. Out of all the 90s JDMs HW has made in the last few years, this is the nicest and most complete looking by far. The only model that’s on par imo is the FE silver R34. My current top 5:

    1) 300ZX
    2) R34 FE silver
    3) R33 FE blue
    4) RX-7 FE blue
    5) 180SX FE red

  6. I can’t say I ever dreamed of this car as a teen, but what I can say is this was the first time I gave the 300ZX any real attention. While the real thing may not have been my dream car back in the day, I’m a big fan of this release. Clean and stock, the way I like it! I hope HW continues on their ’80s and 90’s JDM streak.

  7. I wonder if they would have made the headlights a part of the windshield piece if that would have freed them up to do a more complete front grill/bumper tampo. It’s a bit disappointing that the parking lamps aren’t painted. And yes, as John mentioned above, the tail lamp tampo is a tad small.

    I always wondered back in the day why Nissan never refreshed this model. It looked the same for it’s entire lifespan. No new bumpers/headlights/taillights.

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