Updating my Hot Wheels Premium Wall Display

I’ve been in the process of revamping my wall display. I have a small display that serves as the background for my YouTube Channel, but the wall you don’t see is four 108-count Carney Displays grouped together. And they are full of Hot Wheels Premium models.

I did a temporary update, bringing in the Big Hitters. Here is a look:

7 Replies to “Updating my Hot Wheels Premium Wall Display”

  1. I display my diecasts using the hot wheels 48 car display case, it looks better for me seeing the cars front view rather than the side view.

  2. every one of your video shots makes these cars pop twice as much as when I see them hanging on the pegs in store. well done. Thank you for all of the information you share with us that keeps us up to the minute on what’s releasing next. That makes my trip to the local stores so much easier when I know exactly what I’m looking for.

  3. Awesome wall display and awesome hotwheels premium collection you have congrats. 👍I would like to have a lot of those in my collection. 👍

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