Lamley Daily: 2010 Hot Wheels Garage Ferrari 250 GTO

Model: Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 GTO

Line: 2010 Hot Wheels Garage

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Simply one of the prettiest models Hot Wheels has done. Probably because the 250 GTO is one fo the prettiest 1:1 cars ever made. You think Hot Wheels Ferrari and classics like the GTO don’t necessarily come to mind, but looking at this really makes the lack of a Ferrari license at Mattel hurt just a little more.

Undoubtedly there would have already been a Car Culture Ferrari mix, with new Ferraris mixed in every year. Who knows what we would have in miniature form at this point, but the 250 GTO would have appeared a few times. Just think of it in a Road Rally mix. Ouch.

Thankfully this model made it to the pegs – along with its icy grey counterpart – before Hot Wheels lost the license. It is gorgeous on the GT Real Riders, and beautifully simple.

If Mattel losing the license was the only way for Tomica Limited Vintage to start making Ferraris, then I will celebrate that tasty silver lining. But Hot Wheels needs the license back. Maybe Ferrari can ditch its exclusive license policy and we can see Ferraris back.

They probably won’t, so I’ll just keep enjoying this model.

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  1. I definitely feel a Ferrari void in the Hot Wheels realm. They were some of my favorite Hot Wheels to collect. Can you imagine having Ferrari now? …In this “golden-era” for adult premium? Ferrari releases in Car Culture, Team Transport and RLC would do insanely well. Here’s hoping one day Hot Wheels can regain said license.

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