Hot Wheels x Supreme Collaboration: Yep.

This dropped on the Supreme – yes, the Supreme – website:

Yes, this is real. It will be sold exclusively on the Supreme website sometime this spring. A great choice in model, simple Supreme deco, and the coolest thing? 90’s Era Hot Wheels car art.

This definitely hints at a collaboration trend that has this guy VERY excited. Hot Wheels transcends, and this is more evidence. I love it.

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    1. Hey Cody I hope not. I signed up for their email. My grands that are teens know about Supreme. The just told me some of the kids at their school wear Supreme clothes. So we will see.

  1. This is, at least in part, due to the Hot Wheels movie that is being produced. It’s an impressive cross-marketing move. And as far as crayonz4lyfe’s comment, we are all ass hats for collecting children’s toys that have children’s interests on the side of them. It’s what we do.

    1. At least we aren’t nearly as pretentious as people who wear Supreme. The reason (most) people wear Supreme is because they think it makes them look wealthy. The reason (most) people collect Hot Wheels is because they love diecast cars and cars in general.

  2. I own precisely zero Supreme items. I don’t give the slightest crap about the brand. But my son’s initials are BMW, and it is my goal to make sure he has every variation of BMW Hot Wheels (and hopefully Matchbox) so this one will be added to the collection. If I’m able to get more, I will. Always great to have Customizer material, because I don’t believe those wheels have been used elsewhere on anything reasonably priced.

  3. What the heck is a Supreme? A talented singer who performs with Diana Ross? Unless there is some way to get that hideous “Supreme” logo off the side of an otherwise lust-worthy M3 and transporter, a no-brainer pass from me.

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