Building a massive M2 Machines Skyline Collection

Collecting diecast really means keeping up. I have no idea why we do this to ourselves. I mean, do I REALLY need all the M2 Nissan Skylines? Obviously, no. I don’t.

I definitely is NOT a “seen one, seen ’em all” scenario either. M2 definitely uses its castings, but the variety is pretty exciting. There is just something about parking them all together.

Which I did on Sunday, and even added a few more. I can’t collect everything, but I have been pursuing all the Skylines. It might be impossible. M2 is prolific, and I am already 8-9 behind. Which is crazy considering how many I already have.

Sorry, I will let you move on and watch the showcase while I continue this internal battle. And peruse ebay for the best price on the models I don’t have. But want. Or need. Or don’t need. Bleh.

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