Check out this Japan-exclusive Hot Wheels Calendar

Model Cars Magazine in Japan has been offering a special Hot Wheels Calendar featuring card art from several lines. One was sent over by Mattel, and I was stoked to see my friends and fellow Utahns, JDM Legends, featured on the cover with their upcoming Team Transport set.

The variety of art is cool, and it skews heavy towards Japanese cars, for obvious reasons. Here is a look:

2 Replies to “Check out this Japan-exclusive Hot Wheels Calendar”

  1. Awesome 2019 Japan hotwheels calendar you reviewed congrats. 👍I have the 2019 hotwheels calendar that is available here in the United states. 👍

  2. Well, Looks like I’d need to skip February and December 2019. No way I could look at Roller Toaster and Head Starter every day for a month. The JDM stuff is killer though- especially the cover art.

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