A look at the brand new Matchbox ’75 Chevy Caprice and other upcoming 2019 New Models

The customizers are drooling. The tools are ready, the ideas gestating, and the workspaces cleared. The Matchbox Chevy Caprice is coming, and it’s going to be a custom extravaganza. And I can’t wait to see what creations appear.

For me, I am stoked for the stock Caprice, designed and released by Matchbox in the – most likely – the 2019 E Case. The color, detail, and most importantly, the casting look great. Matchbox sent an example over along with a few other 2019 New Models, and I am previewing them here. Enjoy:

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  1. Yes I am looking forward to this one! Think you will see many low riders from this one for the people who actually find it. I will do something different with it. Wish they would go back to 48ct cases already!

  2. Finally we now know what the ’75 Caprice Classic will look like but the question is when will it “hit” store shelves? Since I reside in Canada it could be several months before it’s ever released to retailers in my country,also, the animal control Ford truck could be my “cup of tea” and finally it’s imperative more than ever for Matchbox to resolve distribution issues. Agree anyone?

    1. From a fella down in the U.S., I completely agree. I haven’t seen any fresh cases of Matchbox in a couple of months. The last cars I found were the 2019 B case with the BMW 2002, Porsche 911 Rally, and Dodge Charger police car. You can still find remnants of this batch in many stores to this day which is pathetic. They should’ve been replaced by two batches worth of new cars by now. Same goes for Hot Wheels. I went through the entire month of January without finding any new cars at all. No mainlines, no premium brands, no Matchbox, nothing. This was the first time in my eight years of collecting I went through an entire month of not finding a single car. I’m sure that’s the case for many others and I should be privileged to find things regularly but this should never be an issue for anybody. I don’t know how many times we have to say it but fix your damn distribution Mattel! It is getting worse and worse every year and this is an example!

  3. I was very excited to see the Caprice coming when it was teased at the last Gathering, but then I realized that Matchbox doesn’t chrome their bases anymore, and thought this one would probably suffer from the grey plastic syndrome. Sure enough, it does. Such a disappointment. I guess I’ll be waiting for a premium release.

  4. Hmm. It doesn’t feel like the brand is moving forward in quality. The grey plastic continues to invade so many castings. Plastic bodies where there should be metal. And, the A pillars on the Caprice are way too wide, the weals not entirely suitable, and no tail light paint. In the year 2019, I would have hoped the brand would improve even a little, but we still are caught in the quagmire of mediocrity.

    1. If it was a model of a ’76 Caprice it would feature rectangular headlamps and what’s a bit unusual is that a ’76 Impala bears an uncanny resemblance to a ’75 Caprice from what I recall.

  5. Add interesting tampoo to it and You’ve got California lowrider, oh yeah !!! I predict this one is going to be highly collectible thanks to color and tampoo variations Long live Caprice !!!

  6. Wonderful, it is T H E car of the year, hopefully I’ll find it out in stores soon! But a car of that style deserves chrome, it deserves discwheels, it deserves a paint, that doesnt look to heavily glitzy, but closer to any real paint! And who stole the rear view mirrors? From those to heavy pillars… Why not have the first edition of any iconic car painted in the most popular colour, of when it was first on the market? And then later do a recolour in some more exotic paintchoice !?

  7. I hope retail version is in more appealing color than this, i mean this is something your grandfa would love to drive, but could You drive s*** like that ? don’t think so …. Anyway i’d love to see this Caprice in turquoise and white roof, is that good enough ? 🙂

  8. Impala is a huge let down. I expected as much with the constant cost reductions to keep it under a dollar year after year after year after year. No doubt in ten years time new releases will be tiny generic, badly made, plastic blobs but it’ll be under a dollar so it’s ok. Matchbox have been going backwards in quality ever since Mattel took over. Thank heaven for other toy car brands that aren’t crap.

  9. Wow! BMW 2002 & Rally Porsche, really, I’m still looking for the frickin Nissan Leaf, Austin Healey, Jag XK & BMW i8!!!
    Hey Mattel, remember the UK, yeah where the Matchbox brand was born!
    I’m not even sure Asda (Walmart?)still sell Matchbox anymore.😣

  10. Its not that bad..! However, I’ve never seen one for real. .. London cab theme..!!!. Badly made generic blobs of teamsters is pretty much all will be left with soon. Mattel you invented the hover boards.!!!… Please get mbx off the ground in the UK. !!!… Nothing much of great responses Mr Tetlow. Sorry… Any media outlets? Could be the calling?!….

    1. I’m afraid not my Matchbox loving friend 😉
      I’ve had a few replies back, most are just generic Customer Service responses. They clearly havnt really read what I’ve written properly or simply don’t understand what this toy car brand means to a LOT of consumers both adult and younger children. Smyths Toys have said they will pass on my suggestions to the relevant department…….
      As for this new Caprice and indeed other 2019 MBX releases it VERY CLEARLY shows that a non moving price point is having devastating effects on quality and desirability. I’m not from the U.S. so can’t say whether it’s the American buying public or the big retailers who steadfastly refuse to budge from that magical one Dollar price point!
      The price of basic HW and MBX have increased noticeably in the last few years here in the UK yet their is no evidence of a lessening of demand. Quite the opposite as more and more people are catching on to the fun of collecting these pocket money priced diecasts.
      Our own retailers obsession with selling a one Pound range of diecasts which slot under Mattel has resulted in the dreadful HTI generics taking over. I imagine it’s no longer easy to sell licensed castings for a decent profit these days for this price point and probably explains the near demise of Welly, Realtoy, Maisto, Motor Max from these shores. The irony of course is that most UK consumers ignore the HTI generics and happily pay more for the more realistic Hot Wheels.
      The World won’t stop turning when HW and MBX finally cost more than one Dollar in the U.S. Shock horror, an increase in price means an increase in quality and thus more sales. The American buying public I’m certain won’t desert MBX and HW and defect to Maisto Fresh Metal and Suntoys!! 😉

      1. Sorry to say Craig. Is this now the kind of thing what companies do.. To save advertising their self . Mattel wants a reaction?! I smell wispa Chocolate Or twinkies.!!!???…. The active public take response…….?!.. That was this problem here… We payed 3 times more than you… No bloody advertising of this product is part..and..many many more!!!.. How was a new breed supposed to relate to this product..?! The new art on packaging…colouring in books. Advertising… Sadly its us old skool guys who really know …. What ever was the start of great memories to inspire… Old mbx stand in my local newsagent… Bucket of battle worn mbx… My father gave when I was a child….. Priceless!… It sound silly but Mattel tampered with history here for many….

      2. Lol.,… Still emailing various outlets even waitrose!.. Still trying when I have time!.. The repeated usual must be sick of it now!!!….. However if someone listens!.. Even old skool, wrote a letter to ask what is happening?!…to Mattel.. However Craig good luck!. Any news?!…..☺

  11. Would be way nicer if Mattel would utilize chrome bases on their models. This looks like crap! Children will identify this as cheap and lackluster with the dull, boring, unappealing, depressing gray plastic base now being used.
    The ’75 Caprice model would look awesome with chrome.. much like the way cars produced back then had chrome bumpers & such. This is depressing, but you know what? .. I’d pay a few cents more to get something i’d appreciate.

    Ahhh yes, the way of the new world my friends.. pay the same or more for products these days to GET LESS! It makes me wonder if big box retail has strong influence, to put a stranglehold on Mattel to produce a mainline model for under a buck? I think it should be the other way around, especially since Toys-R-Us & other toy stores has vanished. I wonder too if profit becomes the dominant force to cut costs when making a product these days?
    Unless one plans to customize this, for example, to add chrome treatments or the model is released as a premium, I have no intentions on making a purchase.. I can’t support this lifeless crap!

  12. While I am excited about the Caprice, I’ll join the chorus on my disappointment with the grey bases in general. I’m more than willing to spend more for a better product, whether that’s a chrome base, or more deco (I’d LOVE to see the 510 Rally with top AND side deco, like that one super special release, whatever it was). Hot Wheels does the $1.27 releases, like the Mopar, or the recent Rally set; happy to pay for them. I’ve actually found some of the Moving Parts series. Happy to pay $2 for those, would happily pay $2 for chrome bases and a little more deco (taillights or whatever).

  13. The Caprice looks nice enough, save for the cheap-looking gray plastic base and grill. The move away from the chromed base/grill does a lot to impart not only this, but many other recent MBX models with that dollar store look and feel. I actually think the champagne paint looks fantastic. Although I can’t comment on whether or not it’s accurate to this model and year. Ultimately, this is not a model/genre I collect, so I’ll be passing. Unfortunately, there is nothing else here that gabs my attention either. Next…

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