Unboxing: Matchbox 2019 K Case (Mix 3)

Making up for some missed posts. I never posted the Matchbox K Case Unboxing. The case is out, and L is hitting too.

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  1. The L and the K are almost identical. whichever case it is I was able to find it all at wal mart. So in Colorado we’re starting off the year well. I also found some 50th aniv superfast and the purple pontiac with the opening door. So if anybody needs help finding stuff or wants this that or the other let me know and I’ll try to help you out.

  2. Time to go back to 48ct cases. I’m not sure how their selling in other parts of the US but here in Philly pegs are mostly clean except for a few of usual warmers. I seen this batch before the last batch of 18s. Distribution still a mess.

  3. David Tilley and Craig Tetlow ….. I here you !!!…… See what happens! Are you listening Mattel …?!. Homeless matchbox needs a good home!!!… Or many….. UK calling!!!.

    1. Sorry poor signal… I will email as many companies as I can…. See what happens. Sorry to hog your post lamley…. And thank you all ….. Some good stuff to come…. But …!..

      1. Basically what AMC is saying is that to our HUGE disappointment, Matchbox is NO LONGER AVAILABLE in it’s spiritual home of the U.K. Its a bit like Mattel pulling the plug on the Hot Wheels brand in the U.S. Totally unthinkable and despite all the trouble this iconic brand has been through I never thought for one minute we would see it’s demise here.
        Any U.K. collectors reading this please email various big retailers and tell them to consider stocking Matchbox now the stupid exclusivity deal with ASDA has ended. If we keep silent then nothing will happen 🙁

  4. How very sad indeed. I have sent emails to various toy outlets and even potential stockists …. We will see ….. Please home bargains!!! What reasons for this demise of this brand.?… Is there anything from Mattel theirselves ?…. Is there anyone who could put us right in what is happening?…. An apology?… As Craig has written above.. Its now taking UK mbx good folk ,to take it in their own hands! .. It just beggars belief!!!.. Its not the end……… Buy online from you Mattel ???? Start a real website??? Then study what this brand was in the UK! How lovely it was displayed… Opened up to all walks of life!…. And even the shops were proud to stock the brand….! .. Historical and iconic in its country of origin…. For years I was seeing various lines produced which was USA only. And various which never made it here …. But this.!!! Who ever at Mattel came up with this GREAT idea should buy a history book and an Atlas…. Very very poor show.👎👎👎!!! Absolutely ridiculous… Can we have our names on diecast?!?!…. Peoples company haha!!.killed that.

    1. Thanks for putting in the effort AMC, we are determined to get MBX back to the UK!! If it’s already been agreed by some retailers they are keeping it very close to their chests!!!!

  5. No probs… just a thought.. on the 60th for this brand.. our mr Tilley was in the Telegraph newspaper!.. do you think they would be interested now on how this brand have been treated now?! Mbx started with little toys to put in matchboxes! Mattel sealed it in one big box.. 6ft under.!

  6. Thjis is a disgrace I may live in the US but MBX is a UK staple for Mattel to let the brand fade from that landscape only makes you wonder what is really going on. It’s been my belief that Mattel has been sabotaging the brand since they bought it. They said there would be no crossovers but HWs has been using MBX designs consistantly now with maybe slight changes to the castings. They truly have no clue about the legacy of the brand or they just don’t give a dam!

    1. No they just don’t give a dam!.. A yo yo for years mbx was played at… No fair competition is to blame. Mattel has planted it seed in UK. .. And made hws what mbx was…. Buying this brand was an opening to invade. …. Good intended …poss sometimes… Last few years mbx was just strangled here in the UK. One food shop you can buy from.. One box per 250,000.. I’m sorry but USA only is all we here.. just no fair competition Mr Nilsson….

    2. Thanks John, it’s heartening to know collectors from across the ocean are just as appalled by the situation as we are. Now I’ve already said this before, it could well be that Mattel have already decided a new U.K. stockists and havnt announced it yet. Hopefully in a few months we can look back at this situation and drama as just a minor blip. BUT, the fact there is a wall of silence and the fact that NO 2019 cases have arrived here at all means that whatever happens we will be missing out on a LOT of new releases!!
      I just cannot fathom at all why Mattel continue to treat Matchbox as the poor unwanted relation. I fully understand that Hot Wheels will always be their baby but they are in the enviable position of owning two of the most famous and recognisable 1:64 diecast brands on the planet!! I simply cannot believe in this day and age of mass digital media and online forums that nobody at Mattel understands the passion people have towards Matchbox and more importantly the fact most collectors are happy to buy products from BOTH brands!! I’ve never considered HW to be a competitor to Matchbox, throughout their respective histories they have appealed in different and separate ways.
      I fully understand Mattel is a business and their products need to make a profit for them so why on Earth are they limiting this extra potential by making distribution so bad for the Matchbox side and lessening the quality! Make both brands widely available, make both brands desirable and reap double the profits!!
      Surely Matchbox realism can warrant charging a little extra for. ASDA did that here in the U.K. and cases still invariably sold out almost as quickly as the cheaper Hot Wheels merchandised next to them!!

  7. It’s appalling that “MATCHBOX” are currently no longer available in the UK, but we’ve been here before with Mattel. The thing is while you can still get Hot Wheels, even the distribution of the mainline basic models is shoddy, with many stores in my area having pulled them – including Wilko and Sainsburys. The only place I have been able to find recent HW basics is ASDA. Even then not always regular with missed batches etc.

  8. What is the point of Mattel sending John free cars to showcase when here in the UK they are unavailable, it’s like showing a cake to a starving man and then eating it yourself ! There are so many gaps in UK collections that it’s just a joke, does any other company make a product and then decide to only sell it in one country like Mattel ? What do the shareholders think, what does their sales director think, they obviously don’t think like UK collectors that’s for sure. May have to change direction and buy Johnny Lightning, Greenlight, and Auto World which you can get at reasonable prices over here, and Mattel products have to be bought from the US at outrageously inflated prices from some eBay sites which I will no longer do. What are the Lamley Group doing about the distribution problem outside of the US, you have Mattel’s ear John start raising your voice on behalf of European collectors please.

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