Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 E Case

It’s here. Call me a JDM nerd, but the basic model I have been most looking forward to is here. The Nissan Z32, designed by Dima and debuting is stellar white, will finally make it to my collection.

And yours too, but I am making this about me for a second. My favorite car as a youth, and one that will always hold a special place, and Dima did it properly. Then again, this doesn’t need to be about me, because just about everyone from my age group was obsessed with the Z32.

I’ll feature it soon, but for now, let’s look at what else is in the E Case. As always, Wheel Collectors grabbed a case at random off their pallet and opened it, 3-by-3. You can buy those models, including the Z32, at the link below:

Hot Wheels 2019 Batch E at Wheel Collectors

You’ve got a video and photos. Pick your poison. Click on the photos for a larger view.

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  1. These were such a great looking car when they were released. One of my drumline teachers in high school, his dad ran east coast car shows of some sort and he had one the moment it came out. I remember just draw dropping when I saw it the first time. Didn’t change the fact that the guy was a douche but crap he had an excellent looking car. Glad that Mattel finally did this one again right. I’m sorry but the new gen Z can’t hold a candle to this version, they’re total garbage aesthetics wise versus this model.

  2. Wow all of those new E Case cars coming out are all awesome. 👍I have some of those in my collection already and the rest I will be on the hunt for. 👍

  3. That Land Rover!! Good lord. There’s a lot of great stuff in this case…I have a one-month old baby that is sucking up all my time and energy, and while he’s an absolute blessing, it breaks my heart a bit that I can’t get out and hunt like I used to. I fear I’ll be missing out on a lot of these great cars. Such is life though.

    1. You will find runs for diapers, wipes and other little things will let you slide to the diecast aisle without raising suspicion.

      1. For me, I always mention some small necessity I need to get. At Walmart, it’s always body wash. Dollar General, milk.

  4. Not a JDM fanboy (not a hater either) but I’m with you. Grew up loving this car and if will be a must have for the collection. Can’t wait for it to show up

  5. I’m looking forward to that Land Rover. I want to compare it to the Corgi Junior Land Rover pickup. Mattel still owns the corgi Juniors molds it acquired after spinning off Corgi back in 1994.

    1. Looking at the one I have, it looks a thousand times better. While I’m sure it was used as a reference, it is probably NOT the same mold. The Corgi had no interior, bigger wheels, and was lower. Not to mention a trailer hitch and ugly yellow glass.

  6. It’s nice to see a return of some older castings such as the Custom ’53 Cadillac and Volkswagen SP2. The VW hasn’t been in the mainline since its debut in 2010 and the Caddy hasn’t been released in the mainline since 2010 as well when it was released as a Treasure Hunt. That ’32 Ford looks sweet in flat black with steelies! I’ll also keep an eye out for the Ford Escort and Mercedes AMG GT. I don’t even have to mention the Z32 and Land Rover because I’m all over those!

  7. I remember the ads in the car mags back in ’89 announcing this new big thing and I also recall they’ve must have spent a fortune on those ads for the new 300ZX Twin Turbo. That was big back in the day as far as technology was concerned.. much like the NSX. Cars like those were pioneers in their own right & I doubt you’ll have those moments in time ever recreated!
    Awesome to see someone decided to pay homage and do the 300ZX from this era the right way. Now if they offer it in a premium line, I can see some people going nuts about it!

    1. I’m ashamed to admit I was not familiar with Team Black Falcon. I was actually a bit disappointed in this yellow release of the GT3 at first. For me, it seemed a bit dull, plain and perhaps lacking in deco compared to the debut release in satin gray and even the followup release in blue. After a quick Google search and scrolling through a lot of not-yellow cars, I finally came upon the Black Falcon you’re referring to and that this HW is recreating. My appreciation has now grown for this release. However, with a bit of custom detail work, I think I can have it looking amazing! Thanks for opening my eyes.

  8. Another Zoom In? I guess to clog up the pegs with the black and white versions. No one buys them in my area; I guess because they don’t have that pricey Go Pro.

    For me, the nicest ones are the LR Series III, Jeepster, Escort, Charger, and Tesla with Starman. But especially the Series III. Not only is it not highly modified, it is also a much better casting than it’s predecessor done by Corgi in the 1970s.

  9. That 300ZX is stunning, definitely the highlight of the case. Though that isn’t to say the rest isn’t great too, especially the AMG GT, the Octane, the Indycar, the Corvette Z06, etc. Will definitely be picking these up.

  10. The Nissan 300ZX is definitely a highlight of this case and one I am greatly looking forward to finding. I can’t say I dreamed of this car as a kid, but it certainly had me appreciating Z’s in a way I never had before. Love the Polizei livery on the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes-AMG is looking great in satin gray, as is the Porsche 917 LH in blue. I’m a sucker for a MOMO livery and the fact that it comes on a Datsun 510 doubles my pleasure. So thankful for a second chance at the gorgeous Porsche 918 Spyder and Honda CRX. Will also pick up the Rover, VW T2, Gumball 3000 Escort, Borla Camaro, BTTF DeLorean and the classic Batmobile.

    It’s a shame about the wild graphics on the ’18 Mustang GT. If it were in clean metallic orange, I would have snatched that one up for sure.

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