A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R Toy Fair & Guaczilla (x2)

I don’t know who Tanner Fox is. I’m pretty sure Tanner Fox doesn’t know who I am. I did look him up when the “Guaczilla” was unveiled by Hot Wheels. He is a social media star of some sort, enough to have a Hot Wheels car created for him. Clearly he is no slouch.

And considering I am by definition NOT Hot Wheels’ primary marketing target, it isn’t a surprise I don’t know who Tanner Fox is. (I mean his name is Tanner. Is there ANYONE over the age of 16 named Tanner? I should watch what I say because I could clearly be working for a Tanner some day.)

So while the Tanner Fox Guaczilla GT-R (it is a replica of his actual car) is not aimed at me, I am still a diecast nerd, and a huge fan of the 2017 GT-R casting, and a completist of that casting. So….I have two Graczillas in my collection. One premium that was sold through the Fox site, and the other basic released this year.

My cup of tea? Nah. The premium is executed fairly well, but I honestly don’t know what else to say about it. Glad I have them, but no really strong opinion on either one.

But then there is the Toy Fair. Like the Guac it ain’t stock, but unlike the Guac it is gorgeous.

I’ve gone through it a lot, but the Toy Fair is Mattel’s way of showing off the next year’s toy line. Retail reps are invited to El Segundo to check all the stuff from each Mattel brand, and they always leave with a little swag. That was the purpose of this GT-R. So of course Hot Wheels is going to go all out. The model is beautiful.

Satin red with minimal trim, capped off by the new 6-spoke Real Riders. I guess like the Guac I don’t need to say much. The photos can do all the talking.

Five releases of the GT-R now. A Car Culture premium version would be most welcome. Or not. I’m pretty happy with that I have.

6 Replies to “A Tale of Two: Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R Toy Fair & Guaczilla (x2)”

    1. Isaac, lamley is saying he doesn’t know anyone over 16 that’s named Tanner so I pointed out Tanner Foust. I am NOT talking about this Tanner Fox youngling.

      1. I’m more associated with Tanner Foust.. been seeing him for years doing his driving gigs & working for a living at it the old fashioned way. The Fox dude.. he’s a rich boy & thanks to posting his lifestyle on YouBoob.. doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot to me!🤣

  1. Yeah i picked up the Guac when i saw it on the shelves this weekend because i love this car and casting but the design is pretty hideous. Just checked out the real version and it’s a pretty cool looking car in real life. Don’t think Hot Wheels did a good job on either the Premium or Regular version.

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