How great are the new Hot Wheels 6-spoke Real Riders?

Don’t call them Volk TE37’s. But you can whisper it.

This will sound weird, especially in today’s collector world, but there was a time that I thought Hot Wheels were FAR better on plastic basic wheels. And I wasn’t alone. There were many folks who agreed.

Hot Wheels has been doing Real Riders for a long time. Since, of course, the actual Real Rider line. They started getting used more and more after Treasure Hunts were introduced, and premium lines became more of a thing this century. For much of that time, however, Real Riders left quite a bit to be desired. The tires were thick to say the least, and the rims didn’t have much detail. Things continued to improve, but Real Riders for most part only worked on classic cars. Replicas of more modern cars that had low profile tires and modern rims really suffered when sitting on Real Riders.

That has changed in a major way the last few years. First a larger variety of Real Riders were introduced, like the Star 5-spokes that closely resemble Ferrari rims, Watanabe/Tran Am-inspired rims, as well as the GT Real Rider that looks like more modern lace-style rims. But it is since Car Culture was introduced that things have gotten exponentially better.

We have seen several Real Riders introduced in Car Culture – the deep-barrel JDM-inspired 4-spokes, the more modern lace, the Aero, and the fifteen52 fuchs-inspired wheels. And while the new 6-spoke – which looks A LOT like the TE37’s – have yet to show in Car Culture, make no mistake they were developed for the line. And will be making a major splash in the line all year.

The new 6-spoke is by far the most modern rim Hot Wheels has done. The tires are low profile enough and the rime large enough to fill the wheel wells of the more modern cars. And man do they look good. Even when going more utility or off-road as they do on the Unimog they look fantastic.

I’m only prepared to show these wheels today. A Real Rider run-through is in order one of these days. Especially with all the variety now. Truly “hot wheels”.

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  1. We can go further. BBS GTE and CH-R, Motegi MR130 (Matchbox used to have wheels with that style), SSR 5-spoke, OZ Superleggera, Ultraleggera and Superturismo. Or at least their style. Plus reissue the 7SP in the mainline. There’s so much more I missed, but I reckon this covers the major modern wheels.

    1. Just another RLC exclusive that many members including myself got inline for on there page. Then seconds after release was sold out. All while the rest of us got sent off to a page that said “YOU’VE TAKEN A WRONG TURN” . Even though you let the computer reload itself per Mattels instructions in the ‘waiting room’ you just got booted from.

    1. You can strip the chrome off without hurting the plastic with oven cleaner. I don’t know what it would do to paint though.

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