A week of finds: Started weak, ended $uper strong.

I think it is pretty obvious I don’t have the luck I used to have. Maybe more collectors in these here parts, definitely a large decrease in store visits, and who knows whatever else.

I will always enjoy the random Hot Wheels Super TH find. A few years ago I did the Super TH Challenge, where I tried to find all 15 Supers released in 2013 in the wild in the middle of the day. I think I went 12 for 15, which is pretty awesome.

But that has changed. In 2018 I found a 2017 Super (the Fairlady Z) in February, followed by my first 2018 Super (the Audi RS6) in December. I found the 52 Chevy as well, but that was with a friend and he kept it. That is quite the contrast from my consistent luck a few years ago.

It is even more rare to find multiple Supers in one store, especially in the middle of the day.

Have I said enough? I think you are getting an idea of that my week was like. It started with cutting open a 144-count shipper at a Smith’s, and ended with a very fruitful visit to a rural Walmart during the lunch hour. I documented both. Enjoy:

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    1. Trent, a “scalper” buys models from a store in bulk and turns around and sells them for higher prices. I did all that in the video? Even I didn’t notice that! You must have a great eye! Hooray for Trent!

      1. True, not the traditional definition of scalper. What you did was the equivalent of line cutting, call it “cherry picking” if you will. A real dick move where you went through a display and messed it up, picked out the premium stuff you wanted and didn’t give others a fair shot. Dick head move any way you measure it.

    1. I’ve found dump bins where, it seems, they’re shipped with empty boxes (pre-taped?) as to fill the lower space or maybe to make the divided bin appear fuller. I remember during the video when it was mentioned… he said the boxes were empty.

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