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Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Dodge Rampage

Model: Dodge Rampage Release: Hot Wheels Mainline Real Riders 1984 Ebay link: Hot Wheels Dodge Rampage Why I am featuring it: This is one of those “one and done” castings… well, sort of. It was used in the 1984 Mainline in the Real Rider sub-series. It came in two variations: grey hub Real Riders and […]

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Hot Wheels

How great are the new Hot Wheels 6-spoke Real Riders?

Don’t call them Volk TE37’s. But you can whisper it. This will sound weird, especially in today’s collector world, but there was a time that I thought Hot Wheels were FAR better on plastic basic wheels. And I wasn’t alone. There were many folks who agreed. Hot Wheels has been doing Real Riders for a […]

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