Hot Wheels Behemoth: Replica Entertainment ’75 Kenworth W900

There are a few Hot Wheels Behemoths. They aren’t officially called “behemoths”, but the word fits.

Hot Wheels are in the 1/64 range, but aren’t exactly to scale. Sometimes a Mini Cooper can be as big as a full-size pickup, because of packaging and weight limitations. And considering the production cost of each model is calculated to the tiniest fraction of a penny, we will see sizes mesh together even more.

Occasionally, however, certain models, typically aimed at the collector community, will break through that size barrier. There are a few, including several big rigs:

These four, the Long Gone, Kenworth W900, Convoy Custom, and Thunder Roller are monsters. And I might feature them all over time. There are others, like the Blown Delivery and Rocket Oil, are also massive, but the rigs above are in their own category. Two are recently modified versions of older castings, two were made in the last 10 years. All four are ultra-premium.

(Kenworth W900 on eBay)

And the Kenworth is the only licensed of the four. Not that rigs like this have to be – the Thunder Roller especially looks like most cabs from that era – but the Kenworth is special that way.

And sadly it’s only been used twice. It debuted in Replica Entertainment as a Smokey & The Bandit model, and showed up a little later in Pop Culture with a Looney Toons character on it.

It is clear which release collectors prefer as the Entertainment release sells for 10 times the value of the Pop Culture. It also looks 10 times better. The Smokey & The Bandit theme is cool, but it is the fact that it is a replica of a vintage 70’s rig that is the best thing about it.

Those rims, that color, the way it sits. I just love this model, and I know I am not alone. But it still doesn’t get talked about a lot. The behemoths don’t fit into many Hot Wheels categories, so they don’t get lumped in with anything.

Maybe a Car Culture mix – how had would that be? – or seeing this Kenworth as an RLC or Convention model will change that. It deserves it.

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  1. Gotta love the rigs but never found this version. I’ve never been a big fan of the Pop Culture series but I actually like the Kenworth. The black with Marvin the Martian looks like something you could actually see on the roads.

  2. So how does it scale up next to regular sized 1:64 hot wheels. I want to get it bit im afraid it will look to small next to my cars on display

      1. I saw that pic and it looks to me like 510 wagon has a longer wheel base then the kenworth. It reality that would far from the case if you put a lifesize kw next to a 510. The kw would be way longer

    1. It really doesnt scale up properly. Here I think Jon is tilting at windmills just a bit. Check out -> 1/64 scale dioramas & diecast displays sponsored by Mark Vicker <- on facebook. (Yes that is the entire page title. There you will see proper 1/64 rigs. I wont ligh. They are pricey. But the car carriers should give proof as will as every other 18 wheeler seen on that page.
      Not to diss on the Kenworth here. It is proper and a need for collections because …Hot Wheels.

      1. Do you remember the hot wheels nascar team transporters? If so, what scale do you think those were?

  3. I love these. I’ve only ever managed to find Long Gone, but the Kenworth and the Thunder Roller are ones I hope to add to the lineup someday. I wouldn’t say no to the Convoy Custom, but the other two are much more of my style.

    1. Those rigs do look good. Even tho I can only relate to them at UK truck fest’s and films. I liked the old skool film “over the top” Autocar diesel unit. I got a few versions of mbx kenworths and peterbilts and various other American cabs .If these came to UK ,I would be quite happy to buy these. The second unit in ,peterbilt. I’ve got the old casting as a tipper from which I had as a child. Bring back mbx versions too!!!

  4. There’s only three Retro Entertainment cars I hated not getting, the W900, Thunder Roller, and Squad 51. Back when we had it on MeTV (before NBC transferred it to their own channel, Cozi TV, which not one carrier gets in my area) I almost religiously watched Emergency!, and I’ve seen Smokey and the Bandit a few times, but really the only reason I want the Thunder Roller is that I’m a big fan of the casting (ever since finding one at a flea market). Already hefty, and with a metal base, even heftier. Thunder Roller has never been put away since getting it, and not just because the danged thing will not fit in either a Jammer or the classic wheel-shaped HW case.

  5. Usually i don’t comment on hw’s as they aren’t my cup of coffee, but this is something different 🙂 Always liked humongous trucks MADE IN U.S.A 🙂 and this one’s no exception 🙂 Oh yeaaaah !!!!!! Great job HW !!!!

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