Showcase: Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Premium Mix 1, Fast Imports

Yes, they are all over the place right now. And yes, they are deservedly getting gobbled up. And yes, I gobbled up a set myself when I finally found it at Walmart. And finally, yes, I opened them up as soon as I got home and compared them to previous FnF and HW releases.

Oh, and yes, they are fantastic. Enjoy:

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  1. That R32 is an absolute stunner. I thought it would be good, but when I got it in hand I was blown away. The detailing make it and the paint/wheel choice is just perfect. Any other model of the year candidate is going to have a steep barrier to entry.

  2. Awesome fast & furious premium cars you found, you open up, and you reviewed congrats. 👍 I found the 1970 Ford escort RS1600 a couple weeks ago at my target. 👍The rest I’m still on the hunt for. 👍

  3. Where is the photo showcase? Looks like you are not giving enough attention to the roots of your blog and instead focusing on the YouTube channel more. I do enjoy watching your showcase videos a lot but I enjoy reading your write-up and looking at photos even more. I hope you’re doing a showcase soon.

    1. Go to Instagram and look. You will see the photos are done and will be posted soon. And yeah, things evolve. The blog is different than it was 5 years ago and will be different 5 years from now, if Lamley even exists. You never know.

  4. These are still scarce where I live. I was blown away when I stumbled upon 2 of them at my local Target this past week – the Escort and the Gallardo. Lucky for me those were 2 of the 3 I most wanted. Still holding out hope I’ll find the R32 Skyline someday. The Silvia and R34 Skyline, I’m still on the fence about. Nice castings, just not so hot on the graphics.

  5. I was SO excited to hear the Escort was going to be done premium.. without the chrome interior! I did find this set, and it doesn’t disappoint. The R32 is indeed awesome. The R34’s great. The Silvia is hideous, but I realise it’s from the movie (I haven’t seen any of them). The Forza version is a little better. Not a big Lamborghini fan, but whatev!

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