Here are the first images of the Tomica Limited Vintage Ferraris. They do not disappoint.

I’ve been known to hype a model or two.  I’ll take that, but let’s mostly blame the models.  There has been so much good stuff from so many brands, and I just like to show it.

But yeah I am guilty of dropping a little hyperbole.  So if you don’t like it, I will just warn you not to read on.  

For the rest of you, there will be nothing more significant in 1/64 in 2019 than the release of the Tomica Limited Vintage Ferraris.  Nothing.  The highest quality brand in 1/64 has found a way to take on Ferrari, the most iconic of car brands, and now one of the most elusive in our hobby.

All the licensing mumbo jumbo that got us here can be described elsewhere, but essentially Tomytec found a way to get the license, and has been pushing Ferrari for the last few months.  And when it was unveiled that TLV was doing its share of classic Ferraris, I could not have been more excited.

And the first batch is coming in March.  Tomytec showcased the first three releases on their website.  A 1980 F40 along with two 1960 Dinos, the 246GT and 246GTS.

(photos by Tomytec)

Just having these models, done by TLV in their most stock form, with all their details, is good enough.  But TLV isn’t messing around.  Check out the opening parts, especially on the F40.  I promise if you show these pics to others, there is no way they would believe these are the size of Hot Wheels cars.

Japan Booster will have these available for pre-order soon, which I would HIGHLY recommend, considering these will be wildly popular.  For obvious reasons.

There are more coming.  Like I said, nothing will top these in 2019.  Ok, I’ll calm down now.

13 Replies to “Here are the first images of the Tomica Limited Vintage Ferraris. They do not disappoint.”

  1. Pre-ordered an F40. $50usd (roughly) a small amount of money for a georgeous model, with removable parts.
    I currently don’t have any F40’s and am very excited to add this one.

  2. I don’t collect Ferrarri but can’t deny the beauty and opening bonnet and might change my mind. Reminds me of their other expensive model, the Mazda 353b.

  3. I agree that they’re wonderfully detailed, but at that price I’d get a larger scale model. I can’t see myself purchasing a 1:64 scale car for $50.

  4. The other thing about these little guys is, if it’s anything like the Kyosho/Dydo Ferraris, it can be pretty addicting. There’s always just one more car …

  5. Really nice models definitely worth obtaining but the stance on the F40 is quite off. Specifically it sits a little too high.

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