What the heck is this Hot Wheels ’55 Gasser, and how has it passed the Candy Striper in value??

You may have heard the rumblings that started over the weekend.  Hot Wheels had one more trick up their sleeves in what has already been the year of the ’55 Gasser.  After a 5-pack, Amazon pack, two Convention models, two 50th Faves, a Drag Strip Demon, and a mail-in, there was one more.  And it is INCREDIBLY limited, and looks bonkers.

It’s the MEA Dance Employee Exclusive:

Did I say bonkers?  This Candy Cane themed beauty was the exclusive for Mattel employees who attended the MEA (Mattel Employee Association) Dinner Dance this last weekend.  Less than 500 made, and not available to the public unless someone decides to make one available on ebay or elsewhere.

And a few have.  The first couple sold for $500-plus, and the value has risen rapidly throughout the week, already surpassing the average value of the legendary RLC Candy Striper model.  It might even pass $1000.

And here is how rare it is.  It is even rare among the Mattel employees.  Only the folks that attended the dance got one.  Employees had to purchase a ticket to attend, and that was the only way to leave with the Gasser.  Considering the number of people that work at Mattel in El Segundo, and the fact that 425 were made, well, it’s rare.

And the deco.  A candy cane rear wheel, with candy cane graphics on the model.  Only the Gasser can handle this over-the-top look and pull it off.  It works.  Count me a huge fan.

So the rarest premium Gasser ever made, looking like this, not available to the public.  We may have to crown a new king.

14 Replies to “What the heck is this Hot Wheels ’55 Gasser, and how has it passed the Candy Striper in value??”

    1. What about the other 11 months of the year? Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as anyone, but I can draw the line somewhere. Heck, it wouldn’t be so bad if the rear tires were also white walls.

  1. I would have to disagree about passing the candy stripper as #1. 2 reasons this is so hot rigjt now #1 cause its christmas time. Lets see if the eye appeal is there in june. Also here come # 2 those back tires are gross. Almost ruins the look of the gasser almost makes it look like a fantasy car.

  2. It’s the epitome of being hideous, and the price for it is ridiculous. The only reason anyone would collect that thing is its rarity alone, not because it’s a good model. The chrome interior doesn’t help, either.

      1. I didn’t exactly poll anyone (meaning I didn’t at all), but considering so few were made, it was only for Mattel employees and it’s insanely ugly I don’t see why anyone would get it other than just to say that they have one.

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