I opened two hot wheels Kmart abd cases. I liked the second one better.

Buying Kmart cases just to find a Super is not a very good proposition.  There is never a guarantee, no matter how many you buy.  That being said, I have had some luck when buying two.

I have found three Supers in Kmart cases I ordered online.  First was the Datsun 510 Wagon in 2014, next was the Fairlady Z last year, and – not to spoil anything – now this year.  So I seem to have luck with the JDM Supers when it comes to Kday.

Then again, I have purchased multiple cases before with no luck.  So it is nice if you like the exclusives, just in case no Super shows up.  And in the case of this Kmart event, I really like the Fairlady 2000 Roadster.  So I was happy with those.  But I found the Super anyway.  Hooray.

Here is that find, along with showcases of the exclusives, as well as the mail-in.  Enjoy.

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  1. WOW and they sent you the drag truck at the same time while the rest of us have to mail in the card backs and wait weeks.

  2. I received my cases from Kmart on Wednesday, 12/12. All four cases arrived factory sealed. The very first thing I noticed when I opened the first case was a hole where the 36th car should have been. The other three cases had all 36 cars. Any guesses what the missing car was? Or where it ended up? Sure, it could have been any mainline. But I’m betting it was a Super and it was one of many that end up on eBay from sellers located in certain southeast Asian countries.

  3. This is weird.I found my first super in years the same time you found yours, and it was the R34. And I just found a second one today as well.
    We’ve got some sort of divine connection.

  4. I also love the Datsun Fairlady 2000, though not so much in the Fifteen52 deco.. I prefer the very first two, the cream one and especially the sage green with the STEELIES. I’d love to see it in Car Culture!

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