Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 D Case

I said it’s rolling.  How about two Case Reports in one evening?

C Case has been out a bit, but D Case is brand new.  Here is a look, as provided by Wheel Collectors.  As always, find these models in the store:

Hot Wheels 2019 D Case at Wheel Collectors


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  1. What a great case. Its been quite long since I’ve wanted more than 10 models from a case. The hightlights for me are the 918 Spyder, black Charger, VW pickup, Jeep, all 3 Camaros, Panamera police, yellow Mercedes, Dodge truck, CRX and Gauczilla (I don’t remember if any of these are holdovers) and for the first time in 2 years a generic model; the Muscle Bound in the military shark deco is awesome.

  2. I was wondering when we’d see the 918 that’s been showing up in the 9-packs. God I love that car. And man, that Commando looks fantastic on those wheels! This is a ton of good stuff. I swear that Muscle Bound looked like a Kenmeri at first glance.

  3. I’m a big fan of this case. I’m looking forward to the Charger Stock Car, the CRX, the Octane, the Mustang Fastback, the Lil Red Express, the 918, the Z06, the Indycar and the Golf MK2. Now I’m just hoping that this case will be arriving in stores in a timely manner…

  4. I want to say this case is loaded. I mean just look at how many licensed models we get here! But ultimately it leaves me a bit wanting. It just seems to be coming up a bit short on “knock ’em out of the park” models. Those two for me are the Porsche 918 Spyder and the Honda CRX.

    I already snagged the Porsche in a 9-pack and have yet to find it single carded, but will grab another when I do. This model was such a fantastic surprise when I first spotted it. It looks so gorgeous in the red over satin black paint scheme of the real life Weissach package. I pray we will see the red over white version next!

    The CRX has been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier! The execution is spot on and the clean factory red & black paint scheme makes for a perfect debut. Ours was white, so I hope we’ll see that version someday.

    Next for me would have to be the Custom Fairlady Z in yellow. It’s a nice look, just not as spectacular as some of the previous releases; white GReddy, black Advan, debut enamel blue. The Guaczilla is an interesting nod to a real custom, but the execution leaves a bit to be desired. I’m always down for a Hondy City, but gold and red on turquoise is not nearly as palatable as the beauty that was the debut in white or even the followup black. Same goes for some of my favorite GT castings, the AMG GT3 and Cadillac ATS-V R. Not their best showings and almost a pass from me.

    The C7 Z06 was nice enough for me to pickup in a 9-pack, as was the Gulf Nova and VW Golf on basic cards. I’m not much of a muscle car guy, but the Camaro SS looks oh so sweet in matte black with Borla graphics. Even the Charger 500 has got me considering it, which is saying a lot.

    OK, maybe I’m being a bit too critical. Let’s call it an above average case.

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