Case Report: Hot Wheels 2019 C Case

Ok it’s gonna roll.  And roll fast.  Wheel Collectors got BOTH the 2019 Hot Wheels C and D Cases today, plus a lot more (info coming), so let’s get to it.

We start with the C Case.  It is hit at Target and some Walmarts, but here is what to expect in the case.  Find the models at Wheel Collectors:

Hot Wheels 2019 C Case at Wheel Collectors


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  1. Absolutely love the Audi Sport Quattro and Honda CRX! The two Skylines are also nice, as well as the two other JDMs; the yellow Custom Fairlady Z and black Mazda RX7. I picked up the green VW Golf Mk 2, but passed on the three Beetles. I thought about the Corvette Grand Sport and the two Camaros, but passed there as well. I did stray from my norm and picked up the Chevy Nova, but only for that cool Gulf deco.

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