Unboxing: Matchbox 2019 B Case

Matchbox has needed to take on a classic 911.  I have said for years that the original 911/912 is a Matchbox no-brainer, but when talking to the design team I always got a little pushback.  The reason?  Porsche overkill.

It’s true.  We have seen a lot of Porsches in 1/64 lately.  But unlike a few years ago, these models seem to always stick the landing design-wise, and we gobble them up.  And what do you know, a classic Porsche 911 has just emerged from Matchbox, and they did it the way Matchbox does it.  Look at the obvious choice right in the eye, and go left.  Hence, a Rally 911.  And it is part of the B Case.  Here is the Unboxing:

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  1. Really excited about the 911 Rally! I have to say that the ambulance seems to benefit from the metal base insomuch as it wraps up the front into the bumper and grill, no grey plastic!

  2. Porsche overkill AT HOT WHEELS FOR FUCKS SAKE. Why is Matchbox always secondary when it comes to such models? Its like they’re saying “oh, Hot Wheels isn’t doing this so maybe Matchbox can do it”. Out of 10 models, Hot Wheels does 8 and the remaining are shoved over for Matchbox. Why can’t we get a proper Porsche for once? Why isn’t there a new GT3 or Turbo? And why does always have to be that a sports car is either made as a rally or police car? This frustrates the hell out of me. And let’s not even start on the distribution part. And all this is coming from a guy who doesn’t even have access to Matchbox.

    1. I completely agree. It isn’t too hard to just give us a simple standard model. A classic 911 or 356 is what is needed. Collectors will buy them in droves. Plus history will show they can do them well. A current 911 is also needed. The most recent is well over a decade old.

      As for the style of cars, it seems like they want to try to do different things. But it just doesn’t lend itself to long term sales of the models. The novelty is soon worn off. You can see it in the Nissan. The first batch flew off the pegs, the next warmed in many areas. Plus these heavily customized versions need a lot of printing to look good. But at the price point, it just doesn’t get it,

      Bring back the 8 dots too. They will look good on the retro models.

      1. Wait…there was a Nissan that hung on the pegs? Which one are you talking about? I haven’t seen any Nissans that have hung around. Haven’t seen the second release of the Junior. Haven’t seen the second release of the Datsun 510 Rally.

        I see your point about the need for detailing on the custom versions of cars…I actually prefer them that way, because I enjoy painting the details myself. But I also understand that detailers and customizers are a much smaller part of the community than collectors.

      2. Wait, you have seen Matchbox hanging on the pegs? I almost never see it, ir only older stuff. I am in the U.S. too.

  3. RCMP stands for Royal Canadian Mounted Police- our nationwide police force, also provides provincial policing everywhere but Ontario and Quebec, who have their own forces. I think I speak for a lot of Canadian collectors when I say I’m very excited for this livery.

  4. Not a bad selection to be honest. Looking back at Lamleys unboxing posts from just a few years ago shows that despite continual distribution problems and ever biting cost cutting, there are now far less nasty generics and a much more diverse range of licensed castings to collect.
    Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE raise that one Dollar price point so the rest of the World doesn’t have to pay far more for a steady decrease in features and play value!!

    1. Echo your thoughts Craig. However we would pay more again!…. Case M now!! D E G back to D. For nearly 6 months, then H K L M in 3 weeks at the same branch in Norfolk. However I suppose we are lucky in a way we get some stock. Poor Blackwind you must paying £$¥€¢$$$€ more than what we are in India. I hope 2019 serves us all well. There are some good castings to be had. Improve Distribution …..yawn…..😪

      1. …..Also as Jeff Webster writes , the 8 dot wheels would be good for some retro style . The jeep wagoneer wheels had the retro 80s feel to them. Also this 2 part tampo rule on some race type style cars ,” Nissan ” eg…. Need to be improved. What happened to the days of real company logos on the models…Kelloggs and so on…? FedEx or DHL style livery?.

      2. True but id love to know how Home Bargains can sell 2018/19 Jurassic stuff for just 99p each?
        Whoever was in charge of the toy department in your local ASDA deserves a medal for ordering so many different cases in, I’ve heard of “feast and famine” but that takes it to a new level!! 😉

  5. I just found two of these cases at my local Walmart on the restocking pallet. Frankly I left tge 911s. I have to echo what someone else said.
    Give us a classic 911 (964 please) in stock form. I will pass on the rally. Make the Beetle a rally car since we have had a million beetle versions instead. Yes there are rally beetles other than baha.

  6. I”m curious, with your contacts with Mattel, do you ever share with them the comments about horrible HW and MB distribution. I’m in Ontario, Canada, and the Dollaramas have better HW selection than Walmart. Even though ToysRUs here survived closing down, selection of HW and MB is terrible. I hardly saw any new MB at Walmart at all in 2018. I’m curious what Mattel has to say? I’ve emailed the question to them – they don’t respond. Curious though, almost all HW and MB are distributed through Mississauga, Ontario (which is in the greater Toronto area) yet even Toronto has a $(@)% selection? Just curious if you ever share distribution concerns with Mattel? Thanks

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