The brand-new Matchbox Moving Parts are here and available at Wheel Collectors!

Matchbox Moving Parts are here.  Hobby dealers have them, and that means Wheel Collectors.  And that means you can grab a set.

Matchbox Moving Parts at Wheel Collectors

Three models in this first mix, with the Grand Prix and VW 1600 both new castings, and the Nissan Xterra an updated old casting.  Same awesome card art.

Go grab a set and enjoy those opening doors, you nerds.

10 Replies to “The brand-new Matchbox Moving Parts are here and available at Wheel Collectors!”

  1. Why are they not in stores? The awesome $2 price point is null when hobby dealers charge $11 for a set with $6 shipping. That means $17 for the 3 instead of $6. Almost $6 a car! Wonderful product, poor distribution again.

  2. shop around fella’s , I’ve seen then quite cheap already .. I got a box for about 3 a piece plus. These are worth more if you ask me.

  3. Mine will be coming from Germany, and at a higher price, which is acceptable as they are being imported, but why oh why does NO ONE EVER at Mattel do anything about the distribution, they keep going on about it, but never do anything about it – or can’t they be bothered, the UK will be MBX less shortly once Sainsbury’s takeover ASDA, they will only want to sell cheap generic rubbish, which is the way ASDA is already heading, then what are we supposed to do.

    I spoke to Mattel UK a couple of weeks ago about buying in cases, i have what i want and sell on the rest, they gave me details of three distributors in the UK, i emailed them all, and only ONE bothered to respond – thats just pathetic, they deserve to go bust if they are happy to turn down business, the other one that did, want a trade account opened, but having no history in selling models, I will not get one, so again, there is money to be spent, but the brands dont want it, they clearly have so much spare cash that they dont need any more.

  4. Hats off to you Jon mower, doing their job for them!.. I hope the CLOWNS at Mattel are taking note of your efforts.. They don’t realise how much passions have been put into this brand. From past to now in the UK. I have contacted Mattel highlighting issues…. The information has been passed forward response. They probably filed it in the Bin section…. The joke, UK address on the back of hotwheels……. Not much to add really. Anything to disappoint Mattel have been great at that…….. Even a siku style website for UK?! To hard to think about I suppose…. High fiveing each other…… And more down below…

  5. For me if I can’t find Matchbox with opening in stores I will just settle for other brands that have openings as they are not the only brand in town.

  6. Check your local Michael’s Craft stores. I found the assortment in the stocking stuffer area near the front registers! $3 per, but they have a 40% off one item coupon going that you can find on their website.

  7. I just received the Pontiac and VW – nicely executed, and the doors are metal. Just wish the bases were metal.

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