Unboxing: 2019 Matchbox Power Grabs Mix A

The first release of Power Grabs for 2019:

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  1. Who is carrying these now? Walmart did for a while, but it’s been upwards of six months since I’ve seen Power Grabs in any Walmart.

    1. Kroger is the only place around here that I have seen power grabs. Some in the west go by the name “Fred Meyer” instead of Kroger. Ours do.

      1. Cool, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately there aren’t any Kroger affiliates around where I live (no Fred Meyer or Smith’s either). So much for the Power Grabs, I guess. Maybe on my next road trip…

  2. …and I’ll add that we absolutely need proper flaps on the power grab boxes. Does anybody know why they are not there in the first place?

  3. I think the art and design on the boxes are nice and a great nod to the past. I would prefer these than the current packaging. These box style were in lovely wood display cabinets on newsagents shop counter’s in the UK. How sad now, with Mattel’s usual xeno distribution patterns and making the brand not have its flags waving in its homeland. We received some of last years power grabs at a budget shop called home bargains.. How they got them?? These sold like hot cakes! I shouldn’t write that in case it upset HWs sales team!!!! Thats priority here.

  4. Meijer has them, but Meijer is pretty much just midwest.

    Omitting the flap is very strange. That is precisely the point behind a box is to be able to store a model. It seems overall that most US diecast manufacturers (MBX, HW, GL, JL as well as Siku and Majorette) completely forget that all diecast can’t be displayed at all time or that they occasionally need to be transported or stored. Both M2, AW and all Asian brands have thought this through.

    I mean if you want to encourage folks to buy lots of diecast you have to make storage/display as feasible as possible. Yet it seems like an afterthought. Or maybe it is because most folks collect artwork, plastic and cardboard.

    1. Low and behold! I just found the BWM 2002 tonight at the bottom of a Power Grabs case and the Austin Healey a few days ago. Both at a Kroger affiliate, which is the only retailer I’ve seen carry the Power Grabs. Have yet to see either on a card.

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