Here is the Hot Wheels/Period Correct Mercedes-Benz 190E collaboration

Period Correct teased the model and the product line, and now they’ve unveiled the model.  It’s the Mercedes-Benz 190E, and it’s…well…period correct.  Fashion-wise.

This collaboration, along with the earlier teaming with Illest, suggests a supercool direction for Hot Wheels.  Hot Wheels are cool, they really are, and I want the world to know.  Fashion is a great way to show that, and let’s be honest, is badly needed in our world.  I am just looking forward to the Hot Wheels/Birks with socks collaboration.

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  1. Wow…ummm…fugly

    I checked out the site after your last post on the company and I was seriously underwhelmed. But I guess if you’re into that sort of auto driven paraphernalia it holds some draw.

    It has that grid prototype look but that Merc looked better as the Car Culture version for sure, to me anyways.

  2. In the u.s? This is the first ive heard anyone call a mercedes a merc and im in the automotive industry. Well i guess you learn something everyday.

    1. You must surely be living under a rock then. People all over the world have been calling Mercedes as Merc way before Mercury even existed. Its on Wikipedia even. The world doesn’t revolve around America, you know.

  3. In my opinion some of the cheesiest stuff I’ve seen in a long time. This company is trying too hard to be cool. Maybe I just don’t get it.

  4. Ok, but I’d like to much is this model is going to cost? I hope it’s not like that ridiculous Tanner Fox deal with the cheesy ‘fun’ pack!

  5. Very cool car and collection. This is probably the most original project of this type I’ve seen in a while.

  6. Sold for $20.00 and ‘sold out’ in less than 10 minutes of going live on the Period Correct website. Very slim chance of getting hold of it even if you wanted to. Sure a couple will end up on Ebay soon enough at double the original cost though if you’re keen enough…

  7. I was on the site waiting when the sale got going. I got to PayPal pay and it was SOLDOUT. For $20 bucks and in an acrylic case with HOTWHEELS LOGO was not a bad try. That was a very quick SELLOUT.

  8. LMFAO, reading the comments tell ya how uneducated some collectors are when it comes to Motorsport heritage; go dig up the designs from GTCC (pre-DTM era) if you don’t know why this car has this “period correct” livery.. and please, if you don’t know the story & history behind this car and its design, don’t buy & hype this, leave it to those that can really appreciate this collabo.

  9. Wow……. You know Motorsport from your HWs track…. ?mErCadeees….BentZ? I suppose you can when you have all over tampo to look at……. Uneducated !…. You think you are special….tell me ze story…….?!………?!………

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