Check out the new M2 Machines Auto-Japan/Coca-Cola line.

M2 Machines announced this today.


The Coca-Cola lines from M2 have been fantastic, and obviously well received, and now they are coming for the JDM collectors.  There will be a retail and hobby-only release, with three Chase models, including one Super Chase, mixed in both sets.

With my limited space for my collection, I have focused primarily on Auto-Japan with M2, and these are no-brainers.

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  1. These are some of the best castings M2 has created. So, it’s a little baffling they would use Coca Cola branding on them when there are so many more valid liveries available. Save the Coke stuff for 1950s hot rods (or leave them off our cars altogether) .

  2. I totally agree. These casting don’t need this level of cross promotion to sell. Authentic liveries are much more enticing in my opinion. Must have paid an arm and a leg for Coke Licensing.

  3. M2 really needs to do stuff other than the same Datsun models and coke liveries. It’s getting really old. And I’m saying this as a huge JDM enthusiast……and a consumer of coke beverages lol

  4. The Coca-Cola livery really works well on certain American cars, but I don’t think they pulled it off here with the JDM set. Couple that with the the patently absurd $9 price point of all the Coke vehicles, and this is a hard pass for me. Unless, of course, the diecast gods bless me with a Chase find.

  5. Unbelievable! I never in a hundred years would have believed I’d ever see a non vintage American M2 model at any of my local stores (OK, I’ve seen some vintage VW as well). So I was completely dumbfounded when I saw these hanging at my local Walmart the other night. Some really great looking castings! I’m a Coke guy, but not to the point where I collect it. Although these liveries look fine in my opinion and I do accept that Coke is a real thing in Japan, not just America, ultimately these are not for me. Just don’t have room in my collection for them. Now if they were painted stock or in historical race liveries, I would have been all over them… even at the absurd $9 pricepoint.

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