A nice day of Hot Wheels finds.

The holiday season really is a nice time to go hunting.  One store, and some great finds.


6 Replies to “A nice day of Hot Wheels finds.”

  1. Must be nice to live around Mattel distribution center and fully stocked stores, and get the first dibs on everything the rest of the country may never see in our nearby stores ever. HW is milking the Datsun wagon to death, stuffing it in a giftpack with 4 other trash generics.

  2. The Super for the Vette looks nice. As it is gold instead of yellow. Either way the vette is my only interest here. I’m burnt out of imports and JDMs.

  3. Its a collective word which somes up many festivals and celebrations many cultures have in USA and around the world…. I know some things are different in the UK! No easter on eggs!!! ……#

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