The first group of 2019 Hot Wheels Red Editions has hit Target

From Lamley’s RCR (Resident California Reporter) @hw_jay, news that Hot Wheels 2019 C Cases, with Red Editions, have hit Target stores.

If you are not familiar, the Red Editions are Target exclusive basic models.  They share the same deco as the mainline cars, but have exclusive colors.  Hot Wheels releases 12 a year in groups of three.

The Golf is the first I have seen in black, but the red Momo logo and red-lipped wheels make it the exclusive.  The other two are easy to see.  Once I get a chance to get out I will go look.  You should too.

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  1. The Lambo looks tasty, I’ll definitely pick that one up if/when I see it…hard pass on the other two. That Chevy casting is RIPE for retirement.

  2. Oh goody, more cars I will never see! My local Targets were a bust for Red Editions throughout 2018 except for the final 3 found at a distant store. I love that MOMO GTI! That’s a must have. The Lambo is neat, but I’m not sure I have to have it.

    On a side note, I’m not too familiar with the wheels used on this Lamborghini. Does anyone know what they are? Thanks.

      1. I think you might be right. Thanks! The RA6 looks halfway decent in dark gray or black, since it isn’t quite as blatantly obvious that the spokes don’t reach the hub.

        I don’t know, but it’s a weird pet peeve I have. I’ve been noticing on several modern wheel designs used on real cars that the 2 two-tone finish with silver machined spokes and a black center gives the effect of the spokes not connecting to the hub. And that’s just unnatural!

  3. I’d gladly exchange all side tampo on the Golf for a front print with headlights and grill. That being said, I’d probably pick up all 3 if I find them though I agree with Speedeeone that the Chevy is long past its expiration date.

    1. From the side, the MOMO graphics are great, but I agree that it’s a shame we have to trade headlights and taillights to get them. Maybe we’ll get a premium GTI one day with full front and rear tampos.

      It was Ben who commented on the Chevy. I’ll keep my opinion out of it since, good casting or bad, I don’t collect that genre of car.

  4. Not all Target exclusives are eye catching for me, like the apple red Käfer Racer for example, as their variations are limited to these colors, but, that Reventón is good, mainly because it has the quite new spiral wheel and not the pizza one, although those stripes still a pain in the exhaust pipe.

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