The Damaged Box Sale is over, but there is still plenty to grab during Japan Booster’s only sale of the year.

The Tomica Limited Vintage Damaged Box Sale at Japan Booster essentially came and went in about 3 minutes on Friday.  Most of it was gone in seconds, and for good reason.  There is no better deal on Tomica Limited Vintage than the Damaged Box Sale.  It just involves a little luck considering the rush.

But don’t fret.  The Japan Booster Holiday Sale is still on, and there is still a ton to take advantage of.  This is the only sale of the year, and the whole store is discounted.  Plus, FREE SHIPPING on every order over $50.  It is SO WORTH looking:

Holiday Sale at Japan Booster

Be sure to check out the auctions, because there are quite a few hard-to-find Tomica Limited Vintage models listed.  But the whole store is loaded.  This is the best time to buy, and I hope you do.

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