You – I mean kids – are going to love the new Tomica 4D line, with real engine sounds.

Now that the frenzy of the Damaged Box Sale is over, let’s talk about what else is at Japan Booster that is worth snagging.  I mean, the whole store is on sale, and free shipping on all orders $50?  Start looking folks!

Always start with Tomica Limited Vintage, but look at Kyosho, Tomica Premium, and standard Tomica as well.  And now there is something else – Tomica 4D.

Japan Booster sent me a set of the new cars, all with real sounds.  The engine idles when the car stands still, and revs when it drives.  And the emergency vehicles have sirens as well.  They are super cool.

Here is the link to the Japan Booster store, and the video I did on all these models afterwards.  Go grab something.

Japan Booster eBay Store

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