SURPLUSgoodies is in a festive mood as well with some killer auctions.

I have a daughter in high school who spends a few hours a week working at a clothing store here in Salt Lake.  It is super part-time, but when Black Friday rolls around she knows her weekend will be busy working.

I told her the same went for me, since I needed to spend a lot of time getting the word out on the all deals my Lamley Partners were throwing out there for the diecast nerds.  Of course that merited a massive eye-roll from my daughter, and yes, her feet were a whole lot more tired than my typing hands, but still.  There is a lot of good stuff for collectors to go out and grab, and I want to make sure they know.

So here is another post.  Go visit SURPLUSgoodies.  The store is loaded with diecast goodness, and the Jimmy over there save a ton of good models to put up for auction this weekend:

Auctions at SURPLUSgoodies

There is a lot there, like the super hard-to-find Ignition Model 1/64 Toyota 86, and the GL Green Machine Bigfoot.  Tons of chases too.  Just go win some.

So, by the time this weekend is done, I hope you all have a little more cool stuff in your collection, whether acquired at the store or by way of some online hobby dealers.  Either way, happy holidays.

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