A look at the brand new Matchbox Honda S2000 and its Vtec engine.

Didn’t think I would skip the pics, did you?

The new Matchbox Moving Parts models – basic and premium – deserve a lot of attention, and I am going give them just that.  There are so many models I like, but I think these two brand models are a good place to start:


Let’s go with the S2K first.

I am a huge fan of the Hot Wheels S2000, heavily modified and all.  I am also super stoked that Matchbox did a stock version.  The S2K has entered the realm of more classic than current, and a fantastic choice by Matchbox.


I am looking forward to future versions of this one, surely in Basic Moving Parts, but how appropriate is it that it starts in signature yellow.  Plus details galore, from the side mirrors, headlights, and of course the Vtec Engine:


It’s a darn nice model, and a great intro to the Moving Parts line.  The premium 2-piece wheels look a little small, but not enough to bother me, although I am actually looking forward to seeing this sit on Matchbox 5-spoke wheels.


There has always been talk about how Matchbox can separate itself from its blue counterpart, and this seems a great way.  Opening parts, stock models, and what is turning out to be a really nice variety.


6 Replies to “A look at the brand new Matchbox Honda S2000 and its Vtec engine.”

  1. I obviously don’t have any of these in hand yet, but I think this S2000 is my favorite of the bunch, it just looks so good. Sometimes doing the headlights as part of the window piece ends up looking wonky, but it looks perfect in this instance, and the engine detailing just puts this in another league entirely. I’m very very excited for this. Now it’s just a matter of finding them!

  2. I am curious how big or small it is compared to the HW one. I have a Maisto S2000 and that thing is large compared to the HW.

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