Digging for Hot Wheels Treasure in a mess of a storage unit.

Organization Day!

The holidays are approaching, and the time has come for my final diecast donation to my local children’s hospital.  The cases have accumulated and they need to go to their new home.  That means digging into the storage unit and getting them delivered.

It also means making space.  My storage unit gets out of control very quickly, so I used the day today to get it a bit more organized.  It also means finding stuff I either forget about, or forget its location.

So, here are some of my #lamleyfinds, storage unit edition.  Enjoy:

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  1. I don’t have the luxury of a storage unit. I’ve got a closet, under my bed ,and half an apartment turned storage building built on top of a former garage that’s the farm shop, and I have that same problem regularly, trying to dig for one specific piece. I think labeling and an Excel database is in the works for winter, after I graduate college in December.

  2. I have many display cases throughout my house, with model cars of various scales, but they only show about 1/3 of my collection at any given time. I have a loft space where all my model cars are stored in labeled boxes and organized by scale and vehicle type. I also have a Quicken database and a visual database with an image of everything I own, which I can access from an app on my iPhone. I can locate anything I have within a few minutes.

  3. I enjoyed seeing this for multiple reasons. It’s always fun to rediscover stuff you’ve forgotten about, and that was nice to see some of the stuff you’ve kept but didn’t display. But it also made me feel better about the state of my collection. I’ve become so disorganized and the collection room is such a mess with overflowing cars everywhere, it was slightly relieving to see that behind your impeccable displays lies another storage unit for overflow! My goal at the moment is to purge a few thousand cars so I can get back to having every single car on the shelf and on display.

      1. Yeah, as I slowly go through stuff, I’ll be listing them on Swiftys Garage, Instagram (@benkiehn250tr) and ebay (ScuderiaFerrariTX).

        John, if my referencing my IG and Ebay isn’t allowed, please feel free to delete this comment.

  4. Always been a fan of this channel,awesome unboxing and stuff,im a collector from NZ dont have much in my collection my dream is to have the datsun 510 super and i will be a happy camper..more power lamley group,very impressive indeed.

  5. John, do you (or any of the readers/commenters) have any creative ideas on what to do with unwanted loose diecast? I remember the thing you did on Halloween where you released a car down a Hot Wheels track for each trick-or-treater and they got to keep it, but I live in an apartment and don’t get trick-or-treaters. What other things can I keep in mind for my excess loose cars? I don’t want to just throw them on Craigslist and get pennies on the dollar for them (none of them are particularly collectible, just a bunch of duplicates and cars from multi-packs I don’t want) so I’d kind of like to do something more fun but I’m not sure what. Do hospitals take donations of loose cars too?

  6. I remember playing with toy cars
    T O Y C A R S
    Not models to be shelved to be stared at by old men who can’t afford the real things

  7. For me hearing all those loose cars hitting each other, chipping and tampos rubbing off is the equivalent of sharp nails dragging across a chalkboard.

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