Revisiting the Lamley Award Best & Worst Winners of 2017. See if you still agree.

I didn’t do a great job on the Lamley Awards last year.  You did.  Each category got a ton of votes.  Winners emerged, but I didn’t spend any time announcing them.  Lame!

But, there is a little silver lining.  I am going over them now, and it is interesting to see how we voted a year later.  Just to see if we got caught up in some hype or would vote the same now.  Honestly, I don’t think much would change.

Another thing that I want to change this year beyond actually announcing the damn things: I added a couple of categories.  Obviously the Lamley Awards are not comprehensive.  These are awards for the Lamley Universe.  If you break down the amount of coverage to the different 1/64 brands, it starts with Hot Wheels, then Matchbox, Tomica Limited Vintage, Auto World, M2, and a small array of others.  It is in no way representative of the 1/64 world as a whole.

But I still think doing a “1/64 Model of the Year” category works.  So I am working on nominees now.  They won’t be my favorite, but they will be the models that I think got the most attention in our world over the last year.  So look for that category soon.

For now, go back in time to 2017, and see what you picked as the best and worst.  Enjoy:

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