Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS

I’m a nerd.  Want to know how nerdy of a nerd I am?  I really like doing these Up-to-Date videos.  I put them on the Lamley Extras Channel (you should subscribe), and they serve as a quick way to review what I have in my collection, or revisit some models that haven’t gotten a ton of attention of late.

The Hot Wheels Aston Martin DBS is one of those models.  It doesn’t create seismic shifts when it is released like some models, but I think it is generally appreciated by a lot of collectors.  It truly is a beauty, especially among other basic Hot Wheels models.

I am a committed collector of that model, adding anything released, and the latest was released in the Exotics 5-pack last year.  Most are easy to find, with the exception being some wheel variations and the black Mystery baggie model, which was only released internationally.

But I am Up-to-Date.

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  1. I like this casting a tremendous amount, and the the first few releases (plus the 007 Entertainment release) are just superb. I think this is an underappreciated casting.

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